Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tyler's Evaluation and a Playdate

Tyler's Early Intervention evaluation was today. They didn't look at him though, they asked me a huge list of questions about what he can do while Tyler slept. Good thing, he needed his sleep.

She determined that he's doing great physically and socially. He's interacting, moving around and meeting all his milestones. She said he could use some work on fine motor. Just because I said no to "drinking from a cup" and "using the pincher grasp". Well I've never tried a cup, he's 10 months old and nursing. So I'm not worried about him at all at this time.

She said that they can monitor him through sending me a form to fill out every couple months, to monitor his progress. We also talked about maybe getting some help with feeding, since he doesn't want to eat baby food. He'll try the occasional food I'm snacking on, but it's not enough to consider it "eating". So she's gonna present her findings to the school district and see what they say. She said they may just ask Home Care to work on his feeding also. I guess we'll see what they think. I really don't like how OT worked with him in the hospital, they were too pushy I think and he acted like he was being tortured.

We went to a small playdate today in Coon Rapids, it was so good to get out of the house! There were 3 other people there (Heidi, Miranda and Irina) with their 3 babies (Caden, Alicia, Liam) who are Tyler's age. It was fun to watch the babies figure eachother out and it was nice to talk to some adults for a change. Ones who aren't just talking to me for healthcare or development reasons! I'm really hoping to be able to go roller skating on tuesdays, if I can find a sitter. Doesn't look very promising yet though.

Dawson was really busy today, he discovered that throwing toys over the railing in a split level house was really fun. He did a lot of running back and forth too. He wasn't so sure of all those babies though! 

Tyler has found that the doorstop makes a really cool noise when you make it flop up and down. He played with it for several minutes, giggling. He's been so happy and playful. Full of smiles and energy, it's been great. I did get the Christmas tree and stuff put away last night. Gave us a lot more room for things. I'm debating what to do with the space now. I have a few ideas. I might play around with it tomorrow if I have time.

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