Friday, January 22, 2010

Dawson the Photographer

 Apparently Dawson had my camera today. I didn't see it missing, but I heard a beeping noise. Upon finding the source of the noise, there was Dawson, looking at pictures on the camera! He's taken interest to the camera in the past week, and has been watching me do things. He's a fast learner! Thought I'd post his work.

This is the first one I saw. I thought he broke something! So I wasn't too pleased at first, but was laughing by the time I finished looking at his pics!

He started at my computer desk, where the camera was. He needs to work on keeping the fingers away!

 I originally thought this was his tongue, but after a closer look, it's definitely my computer desk. The crumbs were the deciding factor!

So I guess he got tired of objects and decided to tune his portrait skills

Hmm, still off center!

There we go! Aren't I cute?!

Hehe, this flash up in my face is cool!

Ok, maybe this flash is a bit much!
 Moving on to some abstract

Look, an entire empty spot of carpet! I must've not been thorough enough with spreading my toys out

He doesn't have a studio yet, but he's got some skills, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Do I sense a future photographer apprentice for me? I could change my name to Burdickola Photography or something, LOL!

Stephanie said...

LOL! Maybe he can start earning his keep. He's been breaking things left and right lately! ;)

metooiguana said...

oh my those self portraits made me SMILE so much! he really is quite the fast learner when it comes to things he is really into -- I think thats a plus in this world nowdays w/being able to run/use a digi-cam at his age - Ive never even touched one!