Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Peaceful Day

We haven't had many days where we've had no nurses or evaluation people come to the home. No appointments to go to and I didn't spend half the day on the phone arranging appointments either. Though I did get 2 quick calls, from the Children's nurse and the medical supplier, but that's very minimum for us!

The boys have enjoyed this day by playing and getting into all sorts of trouble. Dawson has been throwing everything behind the couch, feeding Tyler things, like grapes. He's been throwing things at our new TV, which doesn't go over well at all! This results in the TV being turned off and Dawson having a big tantrum about it. Hopefully he'll learn soon! He helped me unload the dishwasher the other day. He stacked all the plastic bowls together for me. He also helps with laundry by putting the wet clothes from the basket into the dryer. It's slow going, but he loves being helpful. He's really good at making more work for people too! The other day he put a screw in the CD drive of Dan's computer. Now the drawer won't shut, so Dan needs to take things apart and fix it. We were counting grapes today. He had one in each hand. I pointed and said "one, two", then he said "two two". He really likes people counting things for him. He's never tried to say any numbers before though.

Tyler is all over the place. He found the patio blinds now and thinks it's cool to pull at them. He disappeared on me today, I found him in the entryway by the kitchen, trying to get over the rugs. He can make it over the bump on the walk-through baby gates and he seems to treat rugs the same way. He seems to think he needs to get up on his feet and walk/crawl over the edges like he does the bar on the gate! It's cute, but he gets pretty frustrated and "stuck" there. He doesn't usually make any noise though, so I usually walk around the corner to find him on his hands and feet with his butt up in the air! He's been so happy today, the steroids have worn off, he got blood and he's got all sorts of energy now. He giggles at everything. Things Dawson is doing, stuff on TV,'s so cute!

My laptop got a virus last night. It somehow closed my Antivirus program and made the system restore not work. I'm so frustrated! I deleted one of the files, but it's still on the blue screen in "safe mode". I gave up on it for now, my patience ran out last night and I wanted a peaceful, no hassle day today.

I got some more cleaning done today. I made a good gap in our room last night. It's become the catch-all for stuff we bring home from the hospital, suitcases, bags, you name it! So I got a bunch of it put away, including the suitcases that were still partially packed. I also went through Tyler's clothes, got the rest of the 18 month stuff out and even some 24 month shirts. I'm hoping to tackle the Christmas tree next. We'll see if I have time tonight. The space in the living room would be nice.

Tyler getting into the blinds. He was also messing with the shoes.

Tyler crawling around

Playing with his toys. He likes to be up these days.

Tyler loves the slide

I can't seem to get many good pics of Dawson. He runs away or tries to grab the camera! But I finally got a couple cute ones of him today. Mostly because I caught him before he grabbed the camera!

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