Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Faces and the Lake

Gabriel makes a lot of faces in his sleep. It's really cute to watch. He wasn't quite as active as usual, but I got all these within about 30 seconds.
I guess he was checking up on me.
 Back to relaxing
 Smiley faces
 Tyler has been so bored, sitting around on the couch or the floor. There's only so much a toddler can do while sitting down. Especially when he's used to being very active!
So we decided to head to Lake George and take a walk around the lake. Dawson was at Grandma's house since Tyler has a biopsy scheduled for the next day.
 Gabriel was all comfy and warm, he fell asleep right away
 Tyler was watching some ducks, he was very amused
 The pic is blurry because it was dark out, but I didn't like what my flash was doing to the pics. Will have to play with that more. About 12 hours after getting his cast on, Tyler decided to stand up with it. He wasn't putting weight on it, but he's been doing a little more as the day goes on. Earlier he was army crawling, dragging his legs around.
 The moon, just because.

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