Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dawson is here

Dawson is now with us at the hospital. Dan met my mom in Rogers and brought him back to the hospital. The timing was pretty bad, Tyler was in the middle of another meltdown and was just inconsolable. Dawson wasn't sure what to do, it went on for so long that Dawson got overwhelmed and teared up. A volunteer happened to stop by, so I sent Dawson out of the room with her. They went to the little playroom for a while. The day was very crazy, Dawson did ok, he was mostly just very busy going around the room and playing with things. Getting in and out of the crib a dozen times, opening the door and refusing to close it, which is an issue because it's a special air-circulated room and the door isn't allowed to be open for that long. I'm sure we'll have many door alarms going off from it being open too long. He loved going to eat, it's a long walk to get there and it's refreshing to get out of the room. I took him to Sibling Play for 40 minutes. He did good there and they have a lot more toys and things than the playroom on the Oncology floor does.

We moved out of the Days Inn on Wednesday and into the Sheraton. Then Thursday we got a call from Ronald McDonald House saying a room opened up, so we moved into there on Thursday evening. It's nice to be here again, much more child friendly! Dawson got to play outside and get some fresh air. He loved the playroom here too. Dawson is being much more social these days. He's been going over and saying "hi!" to everyone.

I'm a bit nervous about having Dawson there a full day, but hopefully between meals, volunteers and Sibling Play, he'll get out of the room enough and get some variety.

Tyler pulled the needle out of his port and the IV fluids infused into his skin tissues instead. He had a big squishy bump on his chest. Thankfully it went down fairly quickly.
 Gabriel got some tummy time on the mat today. He's been getting interested in looking at things lately, so Dan found a little train for him to focus on for a while. I brought his toy bar along, so I set that up when we got to RMH and I'm bringing it with to the hospital tomorrow too. Hopefully we can keep him awake a little bit more during the day so he and I can get some sleep at night.
 Dawson, after settling in and finding some toys to play with.
 Tyler was watching tv. He had a very rough day, so when we wasn't screaming and crying, we were pretty happy.
 This is his stroller from the hospital. They ordered it up so the nurses can wheel him around while I'm gone with my stroller. I actually prefer this one, it's much easier to handle a single stroller with the IV pump. He really likes being in there too, it seems to be his comfy place. He watches tv, eats, naps and plays in that thing!
 Gabriel in the bassinet

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kg said...

Oh, I know your entire family must be so exhausted... and poor Tyler with that cast on top of everything else he has to go through... glad you got settled in the Ronald McDonald house! Goes without saying that I'm still thinking of y'all!