Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last Day with Help

Today was one of those days! I'm going to really miss having Dan around all the time! He's been such a huge help, changing diapers, getting the boys food and whatever else they need, doing dishes and other housework. It's been awesome. I keep wondering what it'll be like without him here starting tomorrow!

I hadn't even gotten a chance to get Dawson dressed or fed and he'd already broken a necklace. Just after breakfast, Dan found that he had somehow removed one of the glass doors in the entertainment center. From what I heard from the other room, one of the boys was about to walk across it while it layed on the carpet. I cringe just thinking about it! The boys had a very high energy level today. They do most days anyway, but today was just crazy. You'd think someone fed them a bowl of sugar and a cup of coffee for breakfast or something! They found the box I had been putting plastic shopping bags in, dumped it out and were both running through them. They were scattered all up and down the hallway. They were doing the same thing with the half-dead Walmart clearance balloon Dawson found on yesterday's shopping trip. They were going from one thing to the next! Dawson discovered how to turn the dial in the fridge that controls the temp and turned it all the way off. 3 times today! It was hours before it was discovered the first time, so it took quite a while to get it back up to regular tempurature.

Tyler tired out in the afternoon, which rarely happens I'm thinking it's the higher chemo dose. He got fussy, clingy and just wanted to cuddle and nurse. Then he fell asleep for a couple hours. Probably also making up for the 2 times he was up last night. Dawson calmed down for a little while, but then decided he needed some more attention. So while I was nursing Gabriel, Dawson was taking my nursing pad, tipped the baby swing over and tossed some balls at me. Then he decided to be silly and put his sippy cup way up as high as he could on the entertainment center. He came back to me with giggles saying something about his sippy and pointing to it. So we laughed at the silly sippy sitting way up there, he moved and it and came back for some more giggles. He really gets going with this stuff and has such contagious giggles!

Once Tyler woke up he wanted to cuddle and nurse some more, as did Gabriel. It's so cute when they're nursing, Tyler will sometimes rub Gabriel's head or play with his hand. Dawson came over to me, still on his streak of being silly and licked my arm. That's a new one! I asked him what that was for and he just errupted with giggles and did it again. I have no clue where he got that from, but everytime he wanted attention for the rest of the day, he just came over and licked my arm.

Gabriel has been so good. Other than making me worry because he slept for hours this afternoon! He has diaper rash, which I've been trying everything in my drawer of ointments on. It is looking a little better this evening, but still has a ways to go. He really doesn't like diaper changes. Can't blame him, he looks so sore and I'm changing him a lot more often now to help the rash stay clean. I can't believe he'll be a week old tomorrow! Things are going by so quickly.

I had planned on going outside, it was a pretty nice day and the snow has finally melted off the playground! Gabriel slept all afternoon though, he didn't wake up until 6pm and by the time he was fed it had started raining. Maybe tomorrow we can play outside at the school before our support group class. That school has one of our favorite playgrounds. I'm a little nervous, taking the 3 boys to class by myself, but I'm being optimistic.

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