Saturday, April 2, 2011

Settling in

Things are still going good here. I took the kids out grocery shopping by myself yesterday and it went really well. Gabriel pretty much slept the whole time, so he didn't cause any issues at all. This week has definitely put me more at ease about having 3. I'm sure it'll get more interesting once Gabriel starts being awake more often though. The boys are back to their usual routines and don't seem that bothered by having a baby around. I'm still really surprised at how well it's going and keep waiting for someone to start having issues! So far we've gotten 2 meals from Mom's Club members, so it's been really nice to have things to just stick in the oven quick and not have to worry about making supper. It'll be interesting to see how it goes once Dan goes back to work. He's been such a huge help with chores and helping with the kids. Dawson will often just go to him for things now and Tyler loves having him around for bedtime. I can't believe his week off is over after tomorrow, it went so fast!

Dawson discovered a great way to hush a crying baby. Just stick a blanket over his head! He did that when I was unloading the van and Gabriel was still in his carseat. I showed him the right way to cover the baby with a blanket, but he just thought it was silly to have it over his face. The boys play peek-a-boo all the time, why can't the baby play too, right? At least Tyler hasn't tried to pick him up again. I still have to watch him really close. Tyler almost stepped on his head today. The boys play rough with eachother, so it's hard for Tyler to understand why he needs to be gentle and can't just pounce on top of Gabriel. Dawson seems to get it though, he's very careful around him. Sometimes he's a bit rough when he's trying to be nice though. He gave him a hug today, upside down since he was sitting by Gabriel's head. He didn't realize his elbow was smooshing Gabriel's face as he hugged him. Thankfully Gabriel just moved his head and fell right back asleep again. It still amazes me how much he puts up with without waking up or crying. So far he's only cried once from something the boys did, Tyler was checking out his fingers and I think he grabbed one a bit too hard. Even then he only cried until Tyler let go.

Dawson was running from Daddy at bedtime. He's getting good at undressing by himself.
 Then he was getting goofy with the camera
 He wanted some pics with me too.
 Dawson decided to cuddle with Gabriel. He says "oh, so nice!" everytime he does something nice with Tyler or Gabriel. He loves the attention he gets from being nice to them.
 We recently put this shelf by the door for shoes and other things, but Tyler decided that shelf needs to be empty for him to lay on and crawl through.
 Gabriel is so cute! He still sleeps a lot and makes the cutest faces while he's sleeping.
 Dawson is really into showing off for the camera these days.
 Tyler doesn't spend much time checking out Gabriel, usually just as he's passing by. I did manage to get some pics while he was more interested though. He was rubbing his head here.
 Checking him out
 More head rubbing
 Baby has ears!
 Sleepy baby

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