Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bone Marrow Biopsy

Was a typical biopsy day. Tyler threw off our morning routine though. I usually get everything packed in and drive up to the patio before even waking him up. Then I just take him from his bed and put him right in the car, hoping he'll stay asleep. He's not allowed to eat or drink, so the less time he has to think about it, the better. Thankfully he was ok with Thomas the Train for a substitute. We left at 5:30am, went through the drive thru at McDonalds for breakfast and got to Children's just before 7:30 as planned. Thank goodness for breakfast, it's hard staying awake after only getting an hour of sleep. The boys kept me awake and then getting up early didn't help either. Of course the radio is all talk shows at that hour, which is very annoying.

We got there and got in right away. Tyler was so good about everything. Gabriel had woken up, so I was holding him. So Tyler just sat there and let all his vitals be taken by himself. He's getting so big! He had gained 1 pound because of the cast. I had to ask the anesthesiologist to count his weight as a pound lighter, which is what he was before. She was about to round his weight up and was glad I brought it up. I'm always so nervous about things getting messed up or forgotten. It really doesn't help my nerves when I find that these people actually do need reminders for some of this stuff. It just makes me feel like I have to really be on my toes with everything. It went very smooth though, Dan cuddled Gabriel in the rocking chair while I held Tyler to get accessed and be put under. The biopsy only takes about 10 minutes. I ordered a tray of food for him before they started, so that arrived just as he was waking up, about 20 minutes later. Once he was awake he decided he was starving and started eating it all up. He ate more that morning than he had in 2 days! Of course I got all his favorite stuff, so that helped. We were told we can leave around 11am. He finished eating while we talked to his main nurse and then we headed upstairs to see his hospital nurses. They were excited to see him again and see the new baby too.

I drove about 30 minutes and then we switched off. I was just so tired and was having a hard time staying awake. So I sat in the backseat since the front is scrunched and Dawson's carseat wasn't in the van. We had switched the seats around, so now Tyler is in the captain's seat and Dawson is behind him. He was fine in the back when he could crawl in by himself, but now that we have to carry him and put him in his seat, it was just too hard to have him back there. The switch has worked out nicely, Dawson and Tyler like it because they're facing eachother. I often hear giggles between the 2, it's very cute! It was fun being able to watch them sleep.
We got to my parent's house and stayed a while before bringing Dawson home. He sure loves Grandma's house. He asks for Grandma's house for days afterward!

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