Monday, April 25, 2011

First Day in the Hospital

Today went well, I'm very glad I had Dan there though! Gabriel is such an awesome baby, he's been so content and that really helped. There were definitely times where I needed the 2nd person to hold him though. The nurses were awesome and brought me a little bassinet and a swing for Gabriel. They had a bed in there for Tyler, but switched to a crib since he won't stay in bed at night and we are leaving overnight. Tyler had settled down a bit when we left, so hopefully he'll sleep ok. They still don't allow the blog at the hospital, but they do at the hotel thankfully. My new blog header was made by one of my online friends. I keep getting credit for it, but it wasn't me! It's so nice and refreshing to have something so colorful and cute, especially since the other one still said I was expecting and needed to be updated anyway. :)

Tyler fell asleep in his chair sunday evening. He's been more tired and clingy, though his counts were actually pretty good.
 Tyler slept with Daddy at the hotel. He woke up a couple times, but fell back asleep after nursing. Thankfully he didn't wake up after his restrictions started.
 Gabriel napping next to me on some pillows.
 Daddy and Tyler checking out the cars going by on the road. Tyler was very impressed and could've stood there and watched them all night I think!
 Our hotel room, it's a Days Inn
 Tyler in his crib at the hospital. He was watching Thomas the Train
 The trains were crashing, he loves that part. I was very glad that he had moments of being very content just watching tv in his crib
 I got this cup/snack holder thing for the stroller, but I figured it would work well on the crib too. It's nice to have it there where he can't just knock it over. They have covers too, so I can just cover and open it up later for him.
 Gabriel's cute little hospital bassinet. I never knew they made them this small! It's so nice to have that there, it's a great height for changing him and it's nice to have a place to quick put him down or have him nap while I'm dealing with Tyler.

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