Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out and About

Monday we headed to our usual support group class at Dawson's school. Thankfully I had planned on playing on the playground before class. Instead we got there just in time for class to start! It's always amazing how long it can take to get out of the house with each child that is added into the picture. 3 diapers, buckle Gabriel into his infant seat, take him out and change another diaper because he pooped the second I clicked him into the seat, make sure Dawson and Tyler look decent and get their shoes on, check the diaper bag to make sure I won't leave the house without anything necessary and get them to the van and wrestled into their carseats. I mean that literally, in Tyler's case! He has been fighting getting into his seat for a few weeks now.

We went to the library, Dawson fell and skinned his knuckle. I feel like I have half the apartment packed into the diaper bag, but there isn't a bandaid to be found in there. Add that to my list of things to have with! Thankfully the library had one, it was really bleeding quite a bit. There was several people in line and I had Dawson making quite a scene about his finger and Gabriel had woken up and started fussing. Thankfully we got out of there before he really started crying much. I fed him in the van once we got out there and then he was good to go again. Thankfully Dawson and Tyler have been fairly patient waiting in their carseats while I nurse Gabriel. We usually listen to music to pass the time.

They went into class very nicely, they love school and thankfully the classroom isn't far from the door. The way out didn't go so smoothly though. I didn't bring the stroller in since they usually do good walking. A teacher offered help, so she decided to take the toddlers while I took the baby and diaper bag. The boys were too much for her though, she carried Tyler and kept trying to grab at Dawson to hold his hand. Dawson wasn't having that, he doesn't like holding hands much at all, but especially not with people he doesn't really know. He kept dropping down and eventually got away from her and ran out into the parking lot. Dawson was so concerned about staying away from her that he went past the van and fell while looking over his shoulder for her. This time he got a couple other knuckles skinned, but not enough to bleed. I caught up to him and when he saw me he calmed down and went right to the van. The teacher looked a bit frantic. I then changed all of their diapers in the van and another teacher came and asked if I needed help. I suppose since I was still there. I nursed Gabriel and we went to the playground to play. The last teacher saw us out there and wanted to know if I was managing. At this point it was just insulting! I was in a fenced-in playground, they couldn't get away if they wanted to! The boys had lots of fun playing and got some energy out, so I was glad they were able to play outside a while.

Afterward we went to the mall. Dawson and Tyler both enjoyed going around the mall. Tyler decided about halfway around to ride in the stroller the rest of the way. His legs had been pretty tired. I got diapers and some things at Target, which didn't go so well. Dawson wasn't listening and walked under the big stroller shelf so he could get to the baby toy aisle. Thankfully he always goes there, so I know where to find him, but it's still very frustrating. So I put the monkey harness on him, which he didn't like at all. I told him if he wants to walk by himself he needs to listen and stay by me. I took the harness off when he asked very nicely, he even said please! He ran right off again though, so I put it back on him, which made him even more upset then the first time! So I grabbed what I needed and headed to check out. He was creating quite a scene, dropping to the floor and refusing to walk at all. I was already carrying 2 boxes of diapers and pushing the stroller, so it was difficult. He did better once we were up at the register, thankfully.

Our 2nd class experience was a bit different. Our Thursday night class isn't just for Special Ed, it's for everyone. It's also further into the building. I put the harness on Tyler since he usually tries running off and Dawson did well walking. Tyler did hold my hand the whole time, he's getting better about that, but still slips away from me a lot. When we got there, the teacher came over and told me that they would help me get to the car since the teacher from our other class had told her we were unable to get to the car safetly by ourselves. Talk about insulting! I knew they could help if needed and had assumed the special ed teacher would be able to handle him when she offered! So I had brought the harness in so I could just take them out myself this time. It went well, Dawson listened and went where I asked him to and Tyler was good about holding my hand. We played on the playground again instead of going right to the car. That eliminated the worry about the other cars leaving. By the time we were done playing, we were the only car in the lot. She also gave me a pamphlet for a program that volunteers to help moms with their kids, like going to classes, parks or whatever. Sounds like a really nice program, but it was still insulting the way she came over and mentioned it all with the attitude that I couldn't handle the kids by myself. It's going to take some getting used to and seeing what works and what doesn't. Even after a few days of being out and about I'm changing up how we do things and I'm already seeing some improvement. I've found that Tyler only does good in the harness if we keep moving and Gabriel likes being in the sling.

Class went well, the boys both really like circle time and the indoor playroom. Dawson goes off with the older kids to a preschool room to do a project and have some preschool time while Tyler and Gabriel come back to the room with us. Tyler and another boy his age play while the parents all have discussion. It's nice to talk about things that are troubling us and get some ideas that we might not have thought of ourselves. After class we went to Walmart. Dawson did pretty well in there, it was Gabriel who decided to make a fuss this time. He really reminds me of Tyler as a baby, he's very calm and content but is not a fan of his carseat. Dawson would calm right down when the car moved, Tyler and Gabriel didn't get calmed at all by it. So I carried Gabriel in the sling through Walmart, which calmed him down and got us lots of ladies coming over to peek in at the new baby and ask questions. They all decided he was pretty cute. Before he woke up I actually shopped for myself! I only buy myself clothes maybe a couple times a year at best. Thankfully Gabriel didn't wake up until I was done in the dressing room. It was Tyler who woke him up, he decided to rock the carseat, only he was really rocking it fast and it woke him up. Tyler is still kinda rough with him, but Dawson has been very good. He even turns the swing back on once it shuts off and asks me if he can push the swing. Gabriel doesn't like how fast the low setting swings, so we just manually push it every now and then to give it some slight movement for now. He's mostly about the music, he's very happy as long as it's going.

Dawson loves that I can show him the screen on the camera and take pics at the same time (it swivels around).
 Tyler having some apples before bed
 Posing for the camera
 Dawson had to get in the picture too!
 Gabriel asleep on the couch
 Tyler and Gabriel in my bed. I had nursed Gabriel and he fell asleep. Then Tyler woke up and came in to nurse too, so to make room I just switch to the other side of the bed. Dawson often comes in to cuddle too! It makes for a very full bed in the morning, but I don't mind. They're only little for so long. :)
 Dawson likes having his legs crossed in his carseat. Lately he's been trying to sit in Tyler's rear facing carseat too, I think he misses being snuggled up and able to sleep easier. He's always been a car sleeper, even on short trips across town! Here I had just nursed Gabriel after running into the library and Dawson was already asleep before I was done nursing, and he only took maybe 10 minutes!
 Dawson on the playground
 Gabriel  sleeping in my lap in the car
 His swing. I have to roll up a blanket to put next to him so he doesn't fall sideways!
 Tyler and Gabriel after their 4am snack. Tyler had woken up, which he does about every other night and wanted to nurse. He woke up Gabriel with his crying, so they both nursed and then cuddled up to eachother and fell asleep. Gabriel wasn't that close originally, he kinda scooted down toward Tyler.
 Tyler even turned toward him to cuddle more. So cute!!
It's nice to go to bed with peaceful thoughts like this in my head. :)

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