Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome Home Gabriel!

I decided to go home a day early. The hospital bed was killing my back and I was feeling really good. I took some pain meds right after the delivery, but after that I decided not to bother with them because I really didn't feel the pain was much at all! It still amazes me how good I feel. We got home around 4pm on Tuesday afternoon and the boys got here around 6:45pm. Dawson stayed asleep on the couch and Tyler was just relieved to see me. He had been pouting and saying "mommy!" and wanting to go home. Other than that, he did great at Grandma's house and loved it! So Tyler nursed a while and my mom held Gabriel. Dawson woke up just as Grandma was leaving and that didn't go over well at all! He cried and threw a big fit when he saw her walk out the door. Then he saw the baby, which made him scream even louder. He screamed and cried for a whole hour. He didn't want a drink or a snack. Didn't want to cuddle or be touched at all. He just wanted to be mad and throw his tantrum. I changed his diaper and talked to him a bit in his room. He finally settled down, gave me a big hug, accepted a snack and settled down watching his cartoons. He's been fine since and is very sweet toward Gabriel. I kept our schedule the same, Speech and OT came the next morning and Dawson went to school too. He really seemed to need that consistancy. His teacher said he did great at school and has been very talkative.

Gabriel was awake a little more on his 2nd day. He sleeps a lot, but each day he has a little more awake time.
 The hospital photography people came in to take pics. I got a bunch while she was taking pics too, she didn't mind at all.

 Baby yawn!

Looks like he's smiling! He was making all sorts of faces, he does that a lot.
He looks so tiny in his carseat!

 I was changing his sleeper that he spit up on and he snuggled up to me. He's so cute and little!
 Sleeping in his bouncy seat.
 3 days old. Sleeping on the couch in his boppy. He was making scrunchie faces in his sleep again.

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kg said...

That very last picture is soooo precious... just looks so snuggly and tiny.