Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rantings of a Hormonal Pregnant Woman

Today our ECFE teacher (a class once a week we go to, tonight was the 2nd night) told me she's surprised that Dawson was being considered for Autism since he makes eye contact. In a way, it's a bit annoying that someone who has spend about 5 minutes watching your child would make such a decision. He was being very social with us though. He does with adults he knows, in situations that he's comfortable with. Children are different though. He ignores them most of the time, not paying attention to boundries. Tonight he stepped right over a toy that someone was playing with, almost tripping over the child sitting on the floor. He just doesn't seem to notice them, which is on the list of symptoms. He didn't used to make eye contact during play. His original evaluation in Jan 2010 they noted that he didn't make eye contact during play. He never came up to me with a toy just to show it to me. He didn't show much interaction like that at all. Yet now he does. He's always showing me toys, pointing out things and my reaction is very important to him. He even gets very upset if I don't acknowledge him right away and confirm that yes, that toy truck is red, Target has a big circle on it, there's a dog in the car next to us, a tree on the tv, etc.

The PDD-NOS diagnosis specifies that the children have some, but not all of the classic Autism symptoms. A year ago, he probably would've qualified under classic Autism, but now I'm pretty sure he won't be, but I do want to talk to the Autism team and see what they say.

Dawson's teacher got a copy of the Psychologist's report and mentioned it to me. I was surprised that I never got one, so I called and asked them to send me one. They acted surprised and said they can't just send me one. I never signed a release giving myself permission to get information about him. What?! So I had to contact medical records and ask for a copy. They mailed me a form that I have to sign and mail back, which asks what records I want, why I want them, etc. Seriously, I'm his mother, the person who attended the appointment and gave them all the information in the first place! It's just rediculous, I think I'm gonna need my own Psychologist by the time this is over!!

I'm not sure if the children are getting worse or my patience is getting worse. Maybe it's a combo of both, but it's been a very trying week! I think one of the biggest issues is my lack of mobility these days. I can't just jump up and get them or sprint across the parking lot anymore! So I've been anxious to be done with this pregnancy, but on the other hand when I'm out and about with the boys it's often very difficult. I just keep wondering how much harder it's going to be with 3 kids! I only have 2 hands and 2 stroller seats. I still depend on the stroller for Dawson a lot of the time, so things will probably be challenging. I'm hoping Tyler will do better with walking soon too. My biggest worry right now is the boy's aggression. They've been very aggressive lately, throwing toys, hitting and pushing eachother. They both are very impatient when they want something too, so it'll be hard getting everyone what they want in what they consider a decent amount of time, aka immediately! I hope they don't end up being too aggressive with the baby, it'll take a lot of time and patience to work with them on being gentle. I've been trying to get them to be gentle with eachother for quite a while and it still only seems to be getting worse. I guess only time will tell how the boys will do with the baby. Hopefully it'll go well!

I got my carseat clip today! The one on the infant carseat had snapped and I ordered a new one, but it said 3-14 days to get here. So I borrowed someone's carseat incase Baby decided to come before the clip did. Thankfully I got it though, so the seat is all ready to go! I can't believe in just 3 days I'll have 3 kids! It really hasn't fully hit me yet. Never seems to until the baby is actually in my arms! I'm looking forward to seeing what he looks like. I've been seeing little babies everywhere it seems and it's making me so anxious to finally hold him!

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