Friday, March 18, 2011

Preparations and Pains

Dan finished the plexiglass cover for the "new" tv, brought the entertainment center to the living room from the bedroom and put both TVs on it. We still wanted the boys to watch the smaller one because the cartoon movies don't show in widescreen, they show as a square. They watch more TV than we do and that square seemed to be burning into the screen. When we watched widescreen movies, there was a little line that was barely noticeable but still there and once we noticed it bothered us and we saw it all the time! So here's the new setup. Hopefully it'll work out well. This is the bare minimum, I plan on putting some toys and things on there though, since they just get into everything at that level anyway. I figured it'd make a good spot for some toys. He also put their fish frame on one of the shelves, it fits really well there.
The boys love playing in the doors. They climb into both the glass part and the doors on the sides of it.
 Today I got a lot done. Gave the boys a bath, picked up the floor and vacuumed, went through some stuff in the boy's room, set up the playpen in the living room and some other small things. Tyler was so tired from following me around, playing and his bath that he fell asleep cuddling me. After a while Dawson needed something, so I put him in the spare carseat we just got. He must've found it pretty comfy because he slept there for a long time!
 Isn't he so cute?! He still looks like a baby to me. I can't believe I'm going to have another baby and I'm a bit sad just thinking of how big Tyler is going to look once the baby gets here! It took a lot of getting used to last time too.
 Dawson after his bath. He was excited about the playpen. I told him it's for Baby and he repeats "baby". He's tried to climb into it a couple times already but hopefully that won't continue. I think since it's so shallow with the bassinet piece on the top, he's not quite as interested. He did lay his toy Rex in there and said "aww baby". I'm really hoping he'll do much better with the baby than he did last time. I'm not worried about physical aggression much anymore, mostly just him being too loud and not really understanding much past "sleeping". I'll tell him that Tyler is sleeping and he'll rub his leg and say "sleeping", then go on and turn on loud toys, bounce on the couch next to him or try to cuddle him. All which result in waking him up! Should be interesting to see what he does.
I'm going to wait with the rest, the swing and stuff can be set up once Baby gets here. I just don't want the boys climbing in it. If I make it to induction, I'll probably set up the frame and leave the seat off the swing. I really like that it's an option! Feels like we still have so much to do. I don't have the carseat in the van yet, we need to move seats around. There's things around the place I wanted to go through and do still, but I've been too sore. Dan is busy with his own things right now. He found a replacement for my van handle and my van needs other things fixed too, so he just needs to find time to do all that.

We're getting very anxious for this baby to arrive! It's always hard to tell when it'll be. For the last week at least I've been having contractions when I walk very much and lately it seems like they've been coming on even easier, even when I'm just sitting down sometimes. I have a feeling it won't be too long. It makes me nervous since I've never gone into labor on my own before and I keep worrying that Dan will be too far away or I'll be out in public with the boys by myself or something. I'm to the point of being sore all the time. I have an almost constant backache and my stomach is sore. I'm really hoping it won't be too long. It can be frustrating to be so sore and have no idea if it'll be tomorrow or 2 weeks from now! I'm at the point of wanting it to be over so I can move on to the healing and cuddling the cute baby part. Though at the same time, I'm pretty nervous about having 3 to care for and take places! I mostly think about it when I'm having one of those difficult moments with the boys and I can't help but wonder how much harder it'll be adding a baby to the mix! I guess I'll find out pretty soon!

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