Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting things done

This weekend we've been getting things done and it feels good! I got all the baby clothes in the dresser and a few sleepers picked out to take him home in. I can't just bring 1, I have no idea what size he'll be or what the weather will be like! Also bought the baby book and a few little things we still needed. I just have to pack my hospital bag and the boy's bags so they can go to Grandma's house. We went grocery shopping and walked around the mall on Saturday. I was having some contractions while walking and by the time our shopping trip was done, I was very sore! Today wasn't as bad. I'm very curious for my appointment on Tuesday to see if I've dilated any more during the past week. Dan is working on the "new" tv. We haven't set it up yet. Since Dawson throws things a lot, we're putting plexiglass in front of it to protect it. Hopefully that will work well. The tv we're using now is a regular tube tv and the screen goes funny sometimes, so that's really annoying.

We really need some warmer weather! I still have to move the carseats around and put the infant carrier in the van. Dan has oil changes to do and other things that have to be done to both vehicles. Plus he needs to start cleaning out the garage so it'll be easier to manage when we move! My to-do list is getting shorter, but I still feel a lot of pressure to get things done whenever I can. Especially when Dan is home since a lot of it is stuff I can't do by myself or need opinions on.

A big deal for Dawson today, he tasted something new!! I made a hotdish and usually he won't even consider looking at it as food, let alone being interested in it. He came up to me and as usual I asked him if he wants some and offered him a noodle on my fork. He actually smelled it, then licked it, then put it in his mouth! I was shocked! He did spit it out after that, but I was so happy that he actually gave it a good try. He seems so stuck on the same small variety of foods, it's frustrating. This morning he gave me a scare. I had a candy bar in the fridge that has nuts in it and Dan found him with the candy bar this morning! There were bite marks in it, but it didn't look like he'd actually eaten any of it. I checked him for signs of allergic reaction and didn't see any problems. Whew! I rarely get things like that, but apparently I need to hide them better when I do! We used to have a fridge lock on there but he broke it and I didn't bother getting a new one since he's been better about the fridge lately anyway. Sometimes it's actually helpful because he'll go get his own sippy and I've even asked him to go get Tyler's sippy and he happily goes to the fridge and gets it for him. He really seems to like helping out with things like that. I think it will come in handy once Baby gets here. :)

Tyler didn't sleep much at all last night. He fell asleep a couple times but woke up shortly after and wanted to be up. He seemed to want to sleep, but he was stuffed up. He finally did fall asleep this morning, but was woken up by a text message on Dan's phone, which is really loud. Figures, the one time his phone gets left on! So we went without sleep, which made for a crabby mommy, but somehow Tyler didn't seem to be suffering any. Once he got into his usual routine he had energy and was happy. I wish I could say the same! Tyler felt a bit warm this morning so I was worried about him getting a higher fever, but thankfully it did stay down, despite his low immunity. Whew!

The boys enjoyed watching Dan make something to keep the plexiglass on the tv. Everytime he picked up his drill, Dawson would run over by the door and Tyler, who was on the bed with me where Dan was working, would make a head-first leap over me to duck down behind me until it was over. Then when he put his drill down, Tyler would step back over me and Dawson would come up and get back on the bed to watch. It was very amusing because they did that each time. I thought they'd get used to it eventually. This does come in handy for when little boys get too close or start messing with screws and things! One little vroom of the drill when necessary and they're back to their safe spots and out of the way.

Dawson's lip was bothering him a bit today. Last night the boys were both running in the hallway and collided. I'm assuming Tyler's head hit Dawson's chin or something, because Dawson has a little tooth mark on his upper lip. It bled a bit, but a popsicle quickly cured the pain and the bleeding and he was back to smiles. I'm just glad we haven't had any serious injuries. For being crazy, busy little boys, I'm thankful to have no broken bones on record so far! *knock on wood*

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