Friday, March 25, 2011

New Couch

Our couch we bought used when we got married, so who knows how old it was but we'd had it for 5 1/2 years. The kids kept jumping on it and in the last several months we'd noticed the springs were going bad. At least 1 or 2 were broken because it sagged a bit and squeaked when we sat there. So we've been looking on Craigslist for a different one. Didn't want to spend a ton on a new one since they're hard on couches! So after weeks of checking, we found this one for pretty cheap. Dan thought it'd be nice to have an L-shaped couch, since that's kinda how our old set-up used to be, but we tossed that 2nd couch. The boys had a blast, they thought it was so funny when Daddy threw the couch cushions out the patio door, then let the couch roll down the little hill to the parking lot. They were in fits of giggles. If that wasn't cool enough, Daddy brought in new couch cushions and I set them up so they could climb on them for a while. They had tons of fun with that. The end seat reclines too, it's a La-Z-Boy couch.
After the couch was done, since Dan had the seats out of the van, we rearranged the carseats and got them into their new spots. We took 1 of the captain's seats out of the 2nd row so I could get to the older boys in the back, then the baby is in the other captain's seat on the passenger side. Hopefully that will work well. I'm glad Dan got that seat belt replaced, because I didn't realize how small that back bench is! There's no way the boy's carseats would've fit next to eachother. We wouldn't even fit a skinny person between the seats where they are now, on each end of the bench!

I've actually been feeling pretty good today. I was very busy and worried about over-doing it, but I took breaks and drank plenty of fluids. I moved the toy set-up, since it was along the wall that the couch is now on. We are pretty much planning for the new place, so until then it's gonna be a bit messier. I think I'll put away some more toys tomorrow if I have time. I do have some bins that are now available since the baby stuff is out of them. We threw the old couch and are selling our recliner chair on craigslist. I also put the video game chair on there for free since we never use it. Just trying to clean things out and figure out what we actually want to take with us when we move. With an end in sight, I've been less focused on having this baby and more on getting some things done before I get busy with the new baby.

Tomorrow is our last day as a family of 4! I have some errands to run and more cleaning to do. Plus the laundry and other things we usually do on Sunday. I'll probably work on doing some more packing too. I'm saving setting up the rest of the baby things for Sunday though. So close!!

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