Saturday, March 26, 2011

Preparing for 3 kids

Today I was woken up by someone from Craigslist wanting to come get the recliner I posted. He not only took that, but the video game chair too! Then someone called during that wanting our old broken tv for parts, so he came right away too. 3 big things gone, all before 8:30am! I was tired, but happy! Especially since I'd only posted the stuff before I went to bed! Dawson woke up then too, so it was no more sleep for me. Tyler usually wakes up first and wants to nurse. Feeling left out of his nursing session, he brought me back to bed to nurse for a while. Dawson watched some cartoons and had breakfast.

The boys decided to take things up a notch this morning. Maybe they just know they won't get to drive me up the wall for at least 2 whole days, so they were making up for it ahead of time? Who knows! I went in to wake Dan up and go to the bathroom and came back out to find they had emptied the diaper bag and were both excitedly running back and forth through the mess. My diaper bag is big and full of stuff. I have a folder in there with all of Tyler's medical information, lab sheets and many other misc papers. They were all out of the folder, getting walked on! Diapers, clothes and everything were scattered. I decided to take it as an opportunity to finally switch diaper bags. I'd been meaning to do that for a while. I found one at Once Upon A Child that has 3 zippered compartments instead of 1 big one for everything to get lost in. Hopefully it'll work out well. So I sorted out that folder and the rest of the diaper bag, something I'd been meaning to do also and put everything into the new one. It's going to take some getting used to, but hopefully I'll like the new bag. I left the new baby's stuff out of it for now since I'll be sending it with my mom when she takes the boys. So I'll have even more stuff to add to it later!

I got pics of the carseat arrangement today. We did some last minute errands and the boys were both very excited to sit on the back bench!

Here's the 2 rear facing seats, for Baby and then Tyler in the back. We had to take off the headrest on the captain's seat for Tyler's seat to fit back there, but it worked! It was definitely a very close fit though.
 All 3 seats in and ready to go! It's so weird seeing 3 carseats in the van!
Dawson was still excited, even after we got home he didn't want to leave the van. He had to go try out all 3 seats, just for good measure. I went to grab the camera when he was checking out the infant carrier, but he had moved when I got back out there. His feet were resting against the back of the seat way on the top, it was funny!
I got some things done today too. I finished finding homes for some of the misc baby stuff I had left in the bin, then I filled the bin with toys that were in the way and put that in the closet. Will make more room for the baby stuff we'll be taking out! I still have a lot to do tomorrow. Finish packing the kids and myself, plus setting up the swing and bouncy seat. Still excited, but definitely nervous now that the end is so near!

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