Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Psycho Mommy

It's been one of those days! I seem to have a lot of those days lately. I'm sure having a 2 and 3 year old doesn't help that any! Neither does being pregnant, hormonal and very sore. Tyler is quickly getting into his role as a 2 year old. It seems to be going quicker this time since he has his awesome big brother to learn things from!

I had my OB appointment this afternoon. It was the most relaxing part of my day. Who knew someday I'd look forward to Dr appts, even internal exams! The nurse popped her head in to apologize that the Dr is running a bit behind and I really didn't mind too much! She says I'm 1.5cm dilated and baby is really low and definitely dropped. She told me I should have my bags packed! It was surprising since the boys never dropped until labor! I did start packing the bags this evening. The boys were being troublesome, so I didn't get a lot done, but I do have a list of things to pack and will just put that on my bag so I don't forget something at the last minute. I've been putting it off, packing really isn't my favorite thing to do. I've done way too much of it over the last couple years and mostly not for fun or exciting reasons. Plus it doesn't seem like a big deal to me anymore, I can have me and the kids completely packed up for a week in about 10 minutes if needed!

Tyler managed to get the fridge open for the first time today! I'm not so excited about that one. He also goes in the cupboard that the garbage is in and he likes to find apple cores to chew on and dig other garbage out of there. Ew! So much for avoiding bacteria! We have a baby lock on there, but they are worthless! They just have to give a little harder tug and the door comes open. He also feels the need to dump Dawson's bowl of cheerios all over the living room almost every morning. Dawson has always sat on the couch, watched cartoons and ate cheerios for breakfast. Now Tyler comes over and small handfuls at a time, throws his cereal around.

Dawson keeps obsessing over papers and stickers. Tape is considered a sticker, so he takes the labels off my baby clothes bins if he can get at them. He found his newborn hospital bracelet in the filing cabinet by his baby book and took the label off it. :(  He also keeps taking papers and things and adding them to his stash. He likes to slip papers through the crack of my computer desk drawer and cabinet. I usually give him junk mail and stuff for his stash, but I also keep having to look through it to make sure he's not hiding bills or other important things in there!

When a toy runs out of batteries, Dawson brings it to me. "Uh oh! Broken!"  Then he goes for the batteries and brings me those too. Well today I was going to pack bags and Dawson followed me into my closet and saw Tyler's ball popper in there. It had run out of batteries and I had none to replace so I put it in there. I did buy some, so I took it out and went to get the batteries. I saw that the package was open and only 1 left! Dawson opens them all the time. I asked him where the rest were, where he put them, etc. Of course he never answers me and it can be quite frustrating when he hides things and I have no way of finding it. I finally just gave up, frustrated. Dawson was frustrated too and crying because I told him I can't fix his toy anymore. About 5 minutes later I happened to glance at the shelf on my computer desk and there was the pack of batteries I'd bought! I felt so dumb, especially since I'd blamed Dawson for taking them and made him upset. So I showed him that I'd found the batteries, "silly mommy put them up there"! He grinned and said "silly", wiping away his tears and came and helped his crazy mommy put batteries in it. Of course then the toy didn't work with the new batteries! We'd really had enough frustration by this point. I was mad that they'd only used the thing for 3 days and it was broke already! So I put the old batteries back in and it was making faint noises, so I tried different new batteries and it worked! Very weird.

They had a good rest of the evening, enjoying the ball popper and they were getting a bit rough playing on the couch and trying to attack mommy on the couch. Well they both managed to collide and bonk eachother's foreheads. Tyler just said "ooh!" with a scrunched face and then was over it. Dawson had lots of tears and needed some kisses and cuddles before he was better.

Dawson is still getting out of bed everynight. I have to go in there and put him back on the top bunk 1-3 times before he goes to sleep. It's getting old. I don't even have the ladder on the bed since Tyler would crawl up it and he's not so great with getting down without falling. Dawson knows better too, I come in the room and he's looking up at his bed with that "oh crap!" look on his face, like he's just wishing himself back up there! Tyler doesn't even try to go back to bed, he stands there and looks cute at me until I get Dawson back in bed and then go put him in his bed too.

Thank goodness for TV shows and chocolate ice cream! ;)  It's so nice and peaceful once they do go to sleep. I've been watching episodes online, though at the moment I'm done with the ones I had been watching, so I'm trying to find something new to watch. It's nice to just sit and relax. Though most of the time I'm still working on things, making spreadsheet lists of things to do, people to call, stuff to pack, etc. It's hard to really just sit and clear the mind sometimes, especially with moving, new baby and all the boy's appts and stuff going on. After dealing with 2 busy toddlers all day though, even sitting and thinking about stuff seems relaxing!

Tomorrow should be a better day. We have speech, OT, preschool and support group. Plus as a bonus, I'm going to another appointment all by myself! I never bring Tyler to his WIC appointments because of germs, so I just have the Dr print out his last weight, height and labs so they can put it in their computer. Tyler gets labs on Friday, so I'm anxious to see how his counts look. I called 2 days in a row now about the apartment we applied for and left messages, but no answer yet! It's driving us nuts not knowing for sure. We just want to have it taken care of so we have less to worry about. Also, I think we have a name! It's not official, but it's nice to agree on a name. It's ironic because of all the baby name searching and websites I've looked at, it's actually one of the first names that was suggested for Dawson and has been bouncing around on our list ever since!

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