Friday, March 4, 2011

Little Monkeys!

Happy Birthday Dan! He might've gained a year, but he lost several pounds this week when I gave him a much needed haircut! He got his driver's license renewed, which of course we'll have to go back and change in 2 months anyway! I told Dawson that it's Daddy's birthday today and his reply was "birthday cake!" with a huge grin. Looks like we might have to make a cake tomorrow for Daddy's birthday. :)
 The apartment search was looking pretty bleak, the place here was rented out and all that was left was 2 small apartments that we would hardly fit our bed into the master bedroom, with no room for dressers! It was crazy how tiny that place was. Luckily things are looking up today, I found 3 apartments that have more space and we're going to see 2 of them on Monday. Hopefully something will work out with one of those! I'm really tired of worrying and stressing over where we're going to live. I just want something in place so there's 1 less thing to think about!

Our little boys are officially little monkeys! They were bouncing off the walls today and just seemed cooped up. Their main goal today seemed to be climbing on things. So I took some pics before taking them down. Tyler decided my new toy bins are a great place to just sit and watch tv. Then Dawson decided to sit in there also!
 The worst part was, the bin was still on top of the toy shelves!!!
 Tyler always gives me a cute look when I come over to get him out of trouble. If he looks cute enough, I can't possibly get mad, right?
 He climbed back up there and was watching tv, Dawson was on his way up too but never made it in.
 Well since I wouldn't let him on the shelves, maybe watching tv from here would be more fun.
 Really mom, what's the big deal anyway? I fit in here perfectly!
 Not sure who came up with this idea first, but they both had to try it.
 See how cute I am??
 Such good balance too! Dawson gave him the great idea of standing on the armrest of the couch. If anyone wonders why mommy keeps getting gray hairs.....
 Dawson discovered he can get in next to the tv and even walk around behind it! Oh joy.
Dawson found a sticker today and had it on his lip. I had to chuckle because it said "clearance $6.48". Works for me! ;)  It's just been one of those days, I'm physically and mentally exhausted! Being huge, sore and pregnant doesn't really help matters. They're in bed now, I have a movie and some ice cream calling my name. Dan and I plan on going out tomorrow evening if our sitter is available, so it's always nice to have that to look forward to. They will like seeing their sitter too. :)

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