Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to School

Dawson was very happy to be going back to school today. After 9 days at home we were all feeling cooped up and needed a break. Dawson was having behaviors, screaming and just having a tough time with things. It's hard when routine is broken. I've never seen him get ready for school faster, he was out the door grinning and looking relieved. It was his first day at school in underwear and I was shocked to see him come home in the same pair of pants! He stayed dry the entire time. So awesome! He's had a bit of a setback at home, but we'll get there. Being dry at school was such a huge deal, so I was just happy about that. I underestimated him. He was happy to see his therapist this afternoon too.
Gabriel is quickly jumping into toddlerhood and all the joys that come with it. He has now found the garbage and recycling in the cabinets under the sink. He has quite an appetite too, he had 3/4 of a banana in one sitting today! He's imitating more sounds today too.

Dawson was much more relaxed and easy to get along with this evening. He grinned and said he was happy, as he jumped up and down. He was even playing with Gabriel and making him giggle. I haven't taken many pics lately since Dawson usually has no pants. When I put pants on him, he seems to forget about the potty trainnig, though since he did good in school I'm going to work on adding pants again. The red on his leg is marker. I guess his leg makes a good drawing board. As does the bathroom wall.
 Gabriel just adores his big brother. I love the way he looks at Dawson. He giggles at everything Dawson does, it's so cute.
 Dyed my hair for the 2nd time. It's lighter than my natural color, but not a lot. I didn't want to stray too far from normal.

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