Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweet, Relaxing Sunday

Today was one of those days where I had goals, but I slept in. Then things kept getting pushed back until I realized the day was over and nothing got done. We did sell some tires and go for a nice 2 mile walk though. We took a trail that was off the tar path and went closer to the river. Unfortunately my camera chose that moment to run out of batteries! The views were awesome. I kept telling myself that I can just get pictures next time. I did get this one though, another view from the regular tar path. Our apartment is quite a bit further from the river than this, the path leads closer. Thankfully there's a big field and small woods between us and the river.
 To save my back this time, Dan put air in the double jogger stroller tires and we used that. Dawson protested a little bit since he'd prefer a ride on my back, but did end up enjoying himself once he was tired.
Gabriel decided this was a good spot to take a nap this morning.
 Busted with cookies! He didn't even eat these cookies, he just licked the frosting off most of them. Little stinker!
 I gave a couple of the dry ones to Gabriel. He was quite happy. His first bit of chocolate.
 I'd say he liked it! :)

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