Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start of the New Year

Today was interesting, we had a little bit of everything. I was unmotivated in the morning, but got a lot done in the afternoon. I cleaned the playroom, sorted several boxes of things left from RMH that were sitting around, went through some papers, took down the Christmas tree, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen counter a bit, put laundry away and helped save an old lady. Not bad for one day!

Dan took out garbage at 11pm this evening and came back complaining about an old lady in the hallway who came out and was telling him he's making too much noise. He said she was still standing there in the hallway. I thought that was odd, so I went down to check it out. She said 3 things to me that made no sense, she was obviously incoherant, then started mumbling and fell before I got to her. Thankfully she didn't hit her head and she was still mumbling. I hobbled back up to get my phone, heard the neighbors were still up, so I knocked on their door since they've been here longer and know the neighbors. Thankfully they knew her and were able to give some more info. The cops got here, I gave them all the info and things I noticed. We did get some info from her too. She hadn't eaten in 2 days and had been drinking and smoking, though I didn't smell anything which is odd for me. I usually have a sensitive nose especially around smoke. Her oxygen was pretty low and they took her by ambulance. I called the resident manager 3 times to come get her door locked but got no answer. Left a couple messages instead. Hopefully I can get ahold of her tomorrow. I hate that the managers aren't on site and never answer their phone! Fun way to ring in the new year. Hopefully we won't be making a habit of the emergency stuff! I'm glad I was able to help though, I doubt anyone else would've been around and out of their apartment at 11pm!
Last night as we rang in the New Year, Dan had just set up our new bed! We slept on the sleep number beds at Ronald McDonald House and Dan loved them. He has a hard time with his back. We tried a Tempurpedic but that one wasn't doing well for him. So we found this one on Craigslist for very cheap.
 Bought a topper for it since the Sleep Number bed was a very basic one and had not much for padding, plus it's nice having something new to actually sleep on. It was nice! Hopefully this one will be better for him. We'll be selling the Tempurpedic soon and will probably get more for that than we paid for the new bed. :)
 Dawson got several Tag books for Christmas, but no system, so since he had Christmas money we got him the Tag pen last night. He seems to like it.
 See! It's a pen that reads and plays character sounds. It's neat!
 Popsicles! Dawson decided we should get some. He was so good in walmart so we let him get some popsicles.
 Gabriel got a little giraffe squeeky toy with his Christmas money. He loves this thing! Good for teething and only 97 cents in the baby section at walmart.
 Dawson wanted a picture with Daddy. :)
 Dawson earned a popsicle by sitting on the potty.
 Gabriel's infant carseat expired Dec 31st, so we threw it. Was about time to switch him over anyway. I can't believe how they go from being this little.... this big in just 9 months! I must've blinked. ;)
 So now Gabriel will be using Tyler's carseat. It'll be weird seeing it in the van again, same seat too. There just isn't any other way to do it.
Dawson watched Cars this evening, which is a first since we were in the hospital. It was Tyler's big thing and usually Dawson avoids things like that which remind him of Tyler. He was aggressive and irritable this evening, but somehow the movie calmed him down. It was weird having it playing again. Tyler would watch that movie multiple times each day, especially in the hospital.
Gabriel is really cruising furniture now. Today he walked along the whole couch, stepping sideways. He'll also turn around and go along our little coffee table too. In the kitchen I saw him holding on with just 1 hand and took a couple steps! He's really getting his balance these days. I'm sure he'll be walking by his birthday! 
My ankle is feeling a little better. I stopped wearing my air cast around home, it was annoying, so I'm just being careful. If it starts hurting more I'll put it back on. It's nice letting my ankle breathe more though and it's less stiff and sore with it off.  I also wanted it off for Dawson, it was really starting to worry him. He'd look at it often with a worried look and I'd try to explain, but I'm sure he saw that Tyler got braces for his ankles just before he died. Since I kept it off today, he didn't appear to think much of it anymore. I just need to get Dawson to stop jumping on it when I'm on the couch. I told him it still hurts a little, but he doesn't seem to think about it. I was able to just put my hand on it when he runs over and that reminded him that he's not supposed to be on it. He's been pretty rambunctious this week with not having school. He goes back Jan 3rd.

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