Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today was our spaghetti dinner and auction benefit that's been in the works for a few months. We had a great time! 101 auction items, and most things were paired up in baskets and stuff, so there were easily 1,000 items and gift cards there. It was fun watching people try to outbid their friends in the silent auction and have a lot of fun with it. They had a live auction for the big ticket items and that brought in a lot too. The biggest item was a Winchester rifle that went for $900! Overall we made $5,275. I got to meet some great people who have been following our story too. Everyone worked so hard to make this happen, people are so amazing. Dawson and Gabriel stayed at home with a friend and I was very glad they did! I'm sure they would've been bored after the first 10 minutes and we were there for 5 hours. I did get to play with a couple kids while parents looked over things. Thank you everyone who came and everyone who has been so supportive to us through all that we've been through. You have all helped make this journey a little easier on us.
The boys were excited to see we brought home some balloons

 The poster boards I brought. It's sad to realize that there are 4 more pictures here than months Tyler lived.
 Thank you again to everyone who donated to our paypal previously. I've been buying some things online with it and it's been so helpful! The other day I just got 4 boxes of diapers for Gabriel. I bought in bulk so I could get the free shipping. Won't have to buy more for a while. The boys love the box too. Dawson climbs in and closes himself in it. Once playing in the empty box gets old, I'm going to turn it into a ball pit until it's no longer usable. :) 

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