Friday, January 16, 2009

18 Month Appointment

It was so cold out this morning, I felt bad waking Dawson up and taking him out in this weather! It got down to -21 today!

His weight gain has slowed down a ton, at 12 months he was 22lbs, now at 18 months he's 24lbs. I was surprised, they gain so much as a baby so I keep expecting that!

His height is 31.5 inches, he was 28.5 at 15 months! 3 inches in 3 months, wow! I thought he was on a growth spurt! He can now reach onto the kitchen counters, so we have to be careful not to put anything on the edge!

The Dr wasn't concerned about his lack of speech. He said they like to see 6 words by 18 months, which he doesn't do. We mostly hear "mom" and "dad", though a few words have come and gone, like "hi" and "baby". The Dr says that's fairly common. He was also glad to hear that Dawson was putting the 2 words together, saying "hi mom" or "hi dad", even though he doesn't anymore. He said a lot of boys just don't talk until they are 2, they tend to be more physical than verbal. He goes back to the Dr in 6 months when he's 2.

Dawson's ECFE class was canceled due to the cold weather. I can't wait to get out of the house and go shopping this weekend! We really need food and Dawson is so bored of being cooped up at home!

I got a call today saying my camera is being shipped back to me! Yay! They said it should arrive in about 5 business days. I sure hope it works this time!

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