Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A busy week!

I'm 35 weeks along today! January is going by quickly! I get my camera back tomorrow. They stopped by today but we missed them. By the time I answered the door buzzer, he was gone and had left a "we'll try again tomorrow" message. He comes around the same time as my OB appointment, so I'm hoping he'll come before I leave, or I'll have to have Dan wake up to get it. I really hope it works!

Dawson is doing good, but those 2 year molars are getting the best of him sometimes. Last night he had a slight fever and was looking pretty miserable. Today he's better though. I hope they don't take too long to come in. He's also been missing daddy since he went back to work. He walks around saying dadadadadaddy! It's cute, but I know I'm in for a long night when he starts looking for daddy at 9pm and he gets home at 2:30am!

We're at the hardest point of bumping his bedtime routine down. Right now he's going to bed around 4am. Dan gets home at 2:30am, does some things and usually sits down at the computer around 3:30-4. So things are a bit hectic, Dawson is excited, and there's no way he's gonna want to go to bed when daddy has just gotten home! So it'll be interesting. We'll have to change up our routine a bit and maybe have Dan not do his lunch until after Dawson goes to bed or something. It's a bummer, since Dawson always looks forward to daddy coming home and starts thinking about it about halfway into our day! I'm not sure if I'll stick with the earlier schedule after baby is born. I guess it depends on baby's schedule. It's nice being used to getting up early, but it's hard being on an opposite schedule from Dan.

Yesterday he was pretty bored being cooped up at home, so today when he saw me get my shoes on, he quick grabbed his shoes and sat down in front of me. He was very excited to get out! He'll have plenty more chances to go places this week! Tomorrow we have a WIC appointment, then Thursday is his ECFE class.

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