Friday, January 9, 2009

Dawson's First Day of Class

ECFE was a lot of fun. I wasn't sure if he would be shy or not since he hasn't been around too many kids before. We walked in, he saw toys and didn't look back! They had parent time at one end of the classroom so the kids could come over if they wanted to. Dawson came over and gave me a hug a few times but went right back to play. He enjoyed circle time, where they sang a few songs, but he only lasted 2 songs before fighting to get up. He wasn't too happy about sitting still when there were so many new things to explore! It was hard getting him to leave too. None of the other kids had trouble leaving, but at 7:30pm, they were about ready for bed, while Dawson was at his peak of energy for the day! Next week should be easier I hope, they have a different room for them to run, climb and play but we didn't get to go in there tonight. That should wear him out a bit more.

He's been going to sleep earlier, which has been really nice. Last night we were sharing some peaches around 2:30am and he started dosing off in his highchair! We had gotten up a bit earlier that day, so I cleaned him up and put him to bed. He slept for an hour, woke up, nursed a bit and fell back asleep for another hour. That time I left him alone and he fell back asleep for the night around 4:30. Today he got up around 2pm, vs. his usual 3:30, so he was tired early again. He went to sleep around 4am and hasn't woken up so far and it's 5:30, so I'm assuming he'll stay asleep. Now I just have to get up early, which is always hard on a friday because Dan is home and likes to sleep in! I'm sure Dawson will take care of that though, I have no clue how, but he can go from sleep to wide awake and bouncy in about 30 seconds! If only I had his energy!

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