Friday, January 23, 2009

Dawson's Class and the Mall

ECFE went good. I'm glad I had planned on going to the library before that. My low coolant light was on, so I had to take the time to fill that. So I had to skip the library, I'll go tomorrow. Dawson went right to playing when we got there, he was really good.

I'll have to ask the teacher about snack time though. He has a bowl full of crackers and gives them out 1 at a time. He wants the kids to ask for another one, but reaching for one is considered ok too. Well some of the kids were half on the table trying to get one, and Dawson was sitting there politely, waiting for another one. Of course he didn't get noticed, so he never got another one. He used to try to climb on tables in restaurants and I finally got him to stop that, so I really don't want it to be encouraged! I always tell him he's good for waiting patiently while I get his food ready and he's used to it being put in front of him when he's ready. So it's a totally new concept. He did drink out of his cup all by himself though and did really good.

I'm so tired! I don't know what possessed me to walk across the mall with Dawson and no stroller! Dan and I have done it before, but he's the one chasing Dawson and I just have to carry coats and the diaper bag. He was pretty good, but took off a few times in the other direction. I was hungry and by the time we got there, after carrying him a little while, I was getting dizzy! So we stopped and shared his animal crackers before getting to Subway. He thought it was cool that I was eating them too, so he'd grab 2, eat one and feed me one! Subway was good, I felt a lot better then. On the way back I just kept giving him animal crackers, so he stayed right by me for the most part!

I'm trying to get Dawson to walk by me more instead of having to carry him. That'll be so nice once baby comes, I just can't be carrying both all the time! He's doing so much better than he was before, but he still runs off the other way on a whim. He keeps getting side-tracked by the colorful stores, like Claire's, Gymboree, the Make-you-own-teddy-bear store. Oh, and Victoria's Secret too! LOL That's always fun, I feel so out of place in there with all those skinny people!

After we got back I let him play and then we went to Target. I'm shopping there more than Walmart now, a lot of the things I get are just as cheap or cheaper there anyway. Plus Walmart has been out of his size diapers the last 4 times I've been there!

He was happy to come home. We had a slight tradgedy though. He brought me his favorite toy and pushed the button and it was dead. He had such a sad look on his face! So I got some new batteries and he watched very intently as I switched them out. I felt like I was operating on something, the way he was acting! He was very happy to get it back, and played with it for the rest of the night!

He was so tired, he actually didn't mind going to bed tonight! I was talking to Dan in the kitchen and Dawson came in, carrying the boppy! He often doesn't ask to nurse at night when he's not tired, because he knows it means he'll be put to bed one of the times, so he must've been tired!

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The Nicholson Family said...

So glad all went well! Sounds like Dawson REALLY enjoys his class.