Thursday, January 22, 2009

35 Week Appointment and More Camera Issues!

I had my 35 week OB appt in the morning, did the Group B Strep swab, otherwise it was a pretty quick appt. All looks good. Dr is going on vacation the next 2 weeks, so my next appt isn't until Feb 9th. Since all is looking good and I went overdue last time, he's not worried about me going another 2 weeks before my next appt.

Got home and Dawson was up. He's never woken up with me gone before, but it went well, didn't seem to faze him. Dan said he got the camera, plugged it into the charger and nothing! Won't even start to take a charge! He read the service paper and it says "Checks out ok!". It's not even charging, HOW is that OK?! I was so frustrated! This is the 3rd time they've had it, and the 2nd time it's came back and they haven't done a thing to it and thought it was ok. I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but Dan insisted we go to Best Buy right away and let them have it!

So we got to Best Buy and I told the geek squad lady that I'm really frustrated and that I've been dealing with this for 2 months now. I said I have a baby due in a few weeks and I NEED a working camera! Well she didn't look sympathetic at all. She started preparing the paperwork to send it back. I told her I don't want to send it back again, there's no point! The last 2 times it's came back with nothing fixed, why would this time be any different?! Then she kinda woke up and actually looked at the stack of previous service papers I'd brought and noticed the dates. I told her I just don't want to deal with it anymore, we're out of time and if I send it in, it most likely won't get back to me before the baby is born. She said she can't give me a new one, to qualify under the lemon law they have to have it one more time. She put in a request, saying that they'd had it before and didn't fix it. She also wrote on there that I've requested the Lemon Law. So they sent it back in, I had no choice. :(

I'm wondering if I can just get money for it and pick a different brand. I really wanted a Cannon to begin with, they are a lot better. I don't think it'd be worth it to get another Kodak and go through this all over again next year! Everyone I know who has a Kodak has had issues with it.

After Best Buy I dropped Dan off at home and went to my WIC appt. Dawson got a finger poke for hemoglobin. The poke didn't faze him, but he was determined on getting that bandaid off! Then the lady went to print the vouchers and there was an error. I guess I was listed as Pregnant and Nursing, and the computer thought it was an error. It was asking her to put in the baby's info and get me off being pregnant or something. So she just deleted the nursing part, since I don't get anything extra for nursing over a year anyway. But all that took time, and Dawson by that point had enough of waiting, even though they had a few toys there. So I was sore from all the activity and walking today, and had to carry a floppy, tantrum-throwing toddler out of the WIC office! Ouch!

Got home and my friend Jenny called me. Her pregnancy is staying put! I'm SO excited for her, she's had a ton of miscarriages and her Dr told her the chances of a successful pregnancy were almost none. Well, she'll be 3 months on Feb 2nd, so it looks like she'll be ok! I vented about my camera and she said she'd lend me her camera if I needed it. Not sure when/how I'll get it, I rarely ever see her since she's on bedrest and 45 minutes away! But that was so nice of her.

When I got home from WIC and looked in the fridge, there was a Ham & Swiss sandwich from Holiday in there with a sweet note on it. Dan had to get gas, so he picked it up for me and even stopped back home to leave it in the fridge! That was so nice of him, it really cheered me up. :)

The rest of the evening felt long, Dawson was being bored and clingy and I just wanted a nap! He wasn't allowing that though. But he did let me put him to bed at 3:50am and he went right to sleep without a peep! Yay! I'm hoping to get him down to 3:30 before the end of the weekend.

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