Saturday, January 10, 2009

Long day of shopping

Dan got his first bi-weekly paycheck today! Yay! We've gone 3 weeks without pay, which hasn't been easy! Our list of stuff we needed was getting very long! Dawson was unusually excited to leave the house today. As soon as I showed him his shoes, he ran over and sat down, sticking his feet up at me to put them on. Then he stood up and grabbed his hat and gave it to me, then his coat, which he never likes! He was acting very giddy, it was funny! I think he was remembering his class from yesterday, he really enjoyed it. He was even excited in the car, which he usually isn't.

So we decided to go to the mall first, we went to target for some stuff, picked up a couple little things we need for baby, then let Dawson play in the play area. Then after about 30 minutes of running around and playing, we headed to the other end of the mall for some Arbys. We had no stroller since we took Dan's car, but Dawson actually walked the whole way there! It's at the opposite end of the mall! He thought it was so cool to be able to walk and looked quite overwhelmed. Got there and Arbys was out of beef. How can Arbys be out of beef?! Most of what they are is beef! Grr! So we stopped to look at the pet store, Dawson likes the fish, then headed back. Not even half way back Dawson wanted to be carried, then he just about fell asleep before we got to the car! He should sleep good tonight! We went to Walmart and Cub Foods too, he slept all the way through Cub. I have no idea how he can lay in the cart and sleep with all those bright lights above him, but he does!

We got home and fed him, which seemed to recharge him. He went around and completely messed up the living room, then stood back to admire his work. Even all the coats and shoes are all over the place. He kept bringing me his shoes and hat, so I'm assuming he had fun today! It's weird how he likes his shoes and hat, but fights me putting on his coat. Then he makes sure I put his mittens on!

It's suddenly feeling like I don't have much time left before baby gets here! I looked at my countdown ticker today and it says 46 days left! Yikes, that's only a month and a half! The time has been flying lately! I'm still working on my list of stuff to do. I also have a small list of things to buy, I'm trying to get them a little at a time. I'm trying to avoid having to stop at Target on the way home from the hospital like we had to do last time!

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