Wednesday, January 7, 2009

33 Week OB Appointment

I'm 33 weeks today and baby is finally head down! He's been either breech or sideways so I was happy that he finally turned down. Everything else looked good. He's running out of room in there, so I'm hoping he'll stay in position now. I go back to the Dr in 2 weeks, then starting the first week in Feb I go in every week. I still can't believe I could have as little as 6 weeks left! That doesn't sound like very long!

Dawson starts his ECFE class tomorrow evening, we're looking forward to that. He has his 18 month appointment next week. Feb 2nd is his allergist appointment, it'll be nice to know what allergies he's outgrown and see if there's any we don't know about yet. It'd be so nice if he's outgrown his milk allergy, it'll be nice to not worry about it and it'll be cheaper too! He's been going through soy very fast lately.

Tonight I'm going to take our tree down, we're gonna put Dawson's climber/slide thing where the tree is so he can play with it more again. After that I have a big list of stuff I want to get done. Unfortunately a lot of it requires moving big things, which I can't do! I also want to move Dawson to the other crib, hopefully sometime soon so he can get used to it. His bedtime is getting better. I just have to work on getting up earlier so he'll go to bed earlier! It's hard to get up early and wear someone out when I'm worn out myself!

I brought my camera back in on monday, I'm hoping it'll get fixed this time! I'm really missing it!

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