Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dawson is 1 1/2 today!

Wow the time goes fast! Dawson is 18 months old already, not sure how that happened! He's been doing more things and it's fun to watch his personality get more unique as time goes on.

He's been doing some really cute things lately. His newest is walking backwards and sideways. He also goes sideways in circles, or circles around someone's leg until he gets dizzy and falls down! He's been twisting, dancing, swaying side to side and shaking his butt lately too. No clue where he got that from, but it's really funny to watch. He does it most when music is on, but he often does it in our room while waiting for us. I think it's because we have a mirror in there and he likes watching himself! He also likes walking around with his hat on his head over his eyes! He brings it to me to put on him a lot.

He's also getting more strong willed as the time goes by. He's been resisting diaper changes more lately, making the whole process take at least 5 minutes by the time I catch him and get done changing him! He thinks it's funny that I can't get to him in certain places, like the other side of his crib, or under it. He'll stand back there just grinning at me, the little bugger! He's not gonna know what to do once this baby comes and I don't have the big belly anymore! He's been throwing more tantrums too, but is learning that never gets him anywhere.

It seems that he's teething again. He only has his 2 year molars left to get in. I'm really hoping they'll come in quickly, as the last molars took a couple months, and he was very crabby towards the end when they were breaking through. So I'm hoping it won't take that long, or it'll be rather bad timing. I'm not really wanting to deal with a crabby teething toddler while adjusting to a newborn at the same time! Maybe I'll just leave him at my mom's house for an extra month or so.....j/k!

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