Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Allergy for the List!

I was eating a PB&J sandwich today and gave Dawson some crust. I didn't see anything on there, but there must've been a little bit. A while later he threw up, but was fine after that. He was a bit red in the face and had a slight fever for a while, but he was back to his perky self after sitting on the couch watching a movie for about 30 minutes. So that pretty much confirms his nut allergy. He had a reaction to some cereal that had almonds in them a while back, but wasn't sure if it was the almonds or something else in the cereal.

We set up the playpen in the living room to air out. We haven't used it in a long time and it was smelling musty. Dawson is unsure of what to think of it being there. He went over to it and looked all around it several times last night. Today we found a few toys thrown in there! We'll have to work on getting him to not do that!

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