Tuesday, January 11, 2011

28 Week OB Appointment

I had my 1 hour Glucose test today to test for Gestational Diabeties. I've never had it before, but since I have big babies they insisted on me taking it at 14 and 28 weeks, instead of just the usual 28 weeks. It wasn't bad at all this time, I was too busy trying to entertain the boys to think about it much. Dawson kept trying to re-set my timer, which wouldn't have been funny at all! She said she'd actually have to make me re-do it if he did that.

My exam went well, I gained 5 pounds this month, my blood pressure was good and the baby's heartbeat was about 140. So all looked good. She did the belly measurement and looked surprised. She's not my regular OB, she wasn't available this week. I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I was with Tyler too, but not until the very end. So it looks like I've got another big baby! Can't say I'm too surprised though, just nervous to see how everything will go in the end. My OB is going to keep a close eye on the measurements and probably do an ultrasound toward the end to see how big he is. They can estimate weight, but it's often 1-2 pounds off, so I'm not sure how helpful that will be. I'm hoping he'll just decide to come a bit early and make things easier for everyone, but if not I'll probably be induced. I don't want to end up with a cesarean, the thought makes me very nervous!

After the exam I still had 40 minutes to entertain the boys. I figured I could let them run some energy out by walking the halls of the clinic, it's a huge place. She told me we can wait in either of the waiting rooms, but doesn't want me walking around much because that burns off the sugar easier and would be cheating the test. Thankfully I brought the portable DVD player, a bag full of toys and a couple snacks. That kept them occupied for pretty much all of it. We did end up switching waiting rooms because another kid started taking Dawson's toys to play with for himself. The whole point in bringing toys is to avoid the waiting room toy germs!! So we gathered up our toys and moved, the mom actually looked annoyed. Sorry, but I'm not here to entertain your child! Once we found a peaceful spot, they had settled down again. By the time Dawson decided he was done with the place, I decided to check on my time and they said I only had 1 minute left! So she just sent us in anyway and waited until it beeped.

Labs really don't bother me anymore. I used to get a bit dizzy and I couldn't watch, but after all Tyler's stuff it really doesn't matter. Poor Tyler didn't like them poking his mommy though. He was sweet and held my free hand while going between giving the nurse dirty looks and fussing. He was very happy to be out of there. "Yay, go, go, go!" :)

We went to the mall to run off some energy. The boys love walking in the mall and we always get looks and comments. They've been doing much better about listening. If Tyler sees me heading in a different direction, he'll follow. Dawson was also very good about stopping and coming back when I asked him to. He tends to get quite a ways ahead of us.

I got a call from the clinic which got me worried. Good results come in the mail, bad results come with a same-day phone call! She said my Glucose test was fine (whew!), but my hemoglobin is low. I was relieved, I know nothing about blood sugar, but hemoglobin I do know. So I've been working on that. I'm also glad that there's another reason why I've been so tired lately. I assumed it was just being pregnant and chasing 2 toddlers all day! 3rd trimester can be especially tiring so I didn't question it. Hopefully once I get my hemoglobin up I'll have more energy. Hemoglobin is also very important for the cord blood banking, so I will be keeping on top of the iron foods from now on! My next appointment is in 4 weeks.

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