Saturday, January 29, 2011

Emergency Room

This cold hasn't been fun at all. The boys just seemed to have a runny nose. Dawson's is gone, Tyler's is lingering as usual. My cold thankfully seemed to get pretty fairly quick, by day 3 I was feeling much less stuffy and had more energy, but I was also a bit out of breath. It felt like I had to cough to clear my airway, but coughing did nothing. Friday it was a little worse and today it was worse again. It got worse after a shower and even cold air wasn't helping it any. I finally decided to go get it checked out, I was worried about pneumonia, bronchitis or something like that. We got to the ER around 6pm, they sent us right up to the labor and delivery floor. Standard procedure for people over 20 weeks pregnant. They wanted me to change into a gown and all that right away, which I thought was a bit over the edge for a resperatory concern! So I told her I'm only there to get my lungs checked out, so they let me stay dressed for now.

I told them I wasn't concerned about the baby, but they had me lay down and hooked me up to the monitors anyway. Sure enough, no contractions, good heartbeat and baby was very active, so they let me off the monitors. Dan was having trouble with the kids, so it was nice to be able to get back up and help out a bit. My lungs looked good, so my OB said she wanted to run labs since I looked a bit pale and also do a CT scan incase I have blood clots in my lungs. The labs weren't bad at all, but that arm is bugging me quite a bit. For the CT they had to put in an IV to run dye through my veins, but they had to put it in an artery. The nurse took a look at my arms and said she won't even bother trying because she didn't see one at all. Apparently I have close veins, but not arteries. So she brought the head person in to give it a try. She rubbed and poked her finger around and finally felt one, but couldn't see it. She decided to go for that one and thankfully got it in the first try, though it really hurt! Poor Tyler was beside himself, all worried about his mommy getting poked with needles. When they were done he came over and looked at it, then cuddled up to me.

We seemed to wait forever for them to come get me for the scan, the boys were getting so antsy. Even with snacks, a few small toys and their dvd player, they were still bored and bouncing off the walls. Getting into everything they could find. Dawson preferred the nurse buttons, sanitizer and climbing on furniture. Tyler was into the cabinets mostly, otherwise he wanted to cuddle with me, watch tv and nurse. It's our usual hospital thing, so he seemed to jump right into that. They both looked a bit traumatized when I got wheeled out of the room. Dawson cried and got in the stroller, waiting for Dan to take him and follow me. The dye they put in was weird. She warned me that I'd feel warm all over and feel like I was peeing my pants. She was right! I felt like my veins were getting flushed, I felt it rushing up my arm and all over my face. It was a weird, uncomfortable feeling. I felt a little woosy after that, but not too bad. She said to drink plenty of fluids to help my kidneys process the dye and to get it out of my system for the baby.

I asked about my labs once I got back and the nurse said she couldn't interpret my labs to me and my Dr just went into an emergency c-section, so I had to wait. A little later I just asked if they could print off my labs so I could look at them, since I can just read them myself anyway. She said she couldn't, I'd have to fill out a form to request medical records. I forgot about their rediculous system, Children's has never blinked an eye when asked for a lab printout! She said she could read them off to me though, so she just told me the numbers. Thankfully everything looked good. My hemoglobin was slightly lower than normal, but that's common with pregnancy too. I asked the OB when she got back and she said it's actually a bit higher than it was before when they told me it was low at 28 weeks. It was 10.8 then, now it's 11.4. The CT results came back good too, so she said I could go home. It's frustrating not finding anything, but at least we know my lungs are clear and it's not something serious. Hopefully whatever it is will go away soon!

Dawson has been doing good, he went back to school once his cold was gone and his teacher said he enjoyed the topic this week, vehicles! I'm sure he was in his element there, no wonder he came home in such a good mood! His teacher called me and said because of more kids joining the program, she's starting an afternoon class and wanted to know if I'd like to move Dawson into that one since we aren't morning people. Sounds good to me! Dan is looking for a 1st shift job, but so far there isn't any available. So it'd be nice to be able to see him and not have to get up so soon after to get Dawson up and on the bus. She's going to see if it'll work out with the bus and then get back to me. I'm not sure how soon it would start, but he'll have the same teachers and classroom, just different kids. We'll have to make some changes to other things though, like the OT lady. I guess we'll figure that out if it happens. It would be good to be able to get more sleep at night.

Yesterday Dawson was looking at the construction trucks on his sippy cup and we were talking about all the little things on there. He pointed out that the trucks have eyes and said "silly!". Then he stared at the cup a little more and burst into giggles, pointing and saying "truck....eyes!". He thought it was completely hillarious. He looked at it some more and burst into giggles again, he did it many times until we were both about teary-eyed from laughing about his silly sippy cup.

Tyler has been so talkative lately, he babbles like he's actually talking to us, instead of just babbling in general. He also is starting to imitate more. Dawson was looking at a farm book with animal sound buttons and was repeating the noises. Then Tyler was repeating the noises too! He also tried to imitate a couple words I said the other day. Today I asked him if he wanted more peaches. We had been doing hand-over-hand signing "more" with him, then he started taking my hands and doing it. This time I asked him and signed it first as usual, but put my hands back in my lap and he just decided to make the sign all by himself. We knew he could do it, he was just being stubborn!

Dawson was so tired with his cold that he actually took a nap! But of course he wouldn't admit he was tired, so he just fell asleep here!
 Then he woke up and moved to the floor.
 Tyler saw me with the camera and was being goofy......

and pretty darn cute too!

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