Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Waiting

I really hate waiting for test results, especially very important ones! They told me 1-2 days for the genetics test and today was day 2. I called the Children's clinic and they said they'd have someone call me today, but nobody did. Hopefully tomorrow I'll hear something.

Dawson didn't get to school today, I overslept but I do feel a lot more rested today. I think Dawson needed the extra day too, he seemed a bit off this morning but was doing better this evening. He even went to sleep in his own bed instead of Tyler's crib! He had a fun time in class tonight for the support group. He still just plays on his own, he was playing with trains and not doing so well with sharing. He must've had about 20 train cars on his track and wouldn't let the other boy who was interested have any. Doesn't matter how many cars or trains there are, there's never enough to share! Something they've been working on at school with him. He also ran off in the store again today. I've been trying to let him walk more, but he often just decides to run off. He never stays right by me, he usually goes up and down the aisle we're in but sometimes decides to venture further and take the entire length of the main store aisle instead. He did ok with OT today, he was a little uncooperative at first, but eventually focused more toward the end.

Tyler had a good day, he seemed a little sore at times but for the most part he was active and energetic. By evening he was getting more clingy and just wanted to cuddle. He's so cute when he cuddles, he'll lean towards me so I'll kiss his cheek, then he'll keep bobbing his head toward me until he's gotten enough kisses. He did great with OT today. She was impressed at how energetic and talkative he was. He was babbling constantly and very enthusiastic about the session.

The Occupational therapist's supervisor stopped in for a quick visit today, they're required to do that every so often. I asked her what's going on with Speech, since they put that on hold and never got back to me. She agreed that they really could use Speech and said she'd ask them what's going on. I did find out that our original Speech therapist isn't there anymore, so they probably have a much tighter schedule than before.

I'm also still waiting to hear from the BMT unit about the cord blood banking. They were going to see if our insurance would cover collection and processing and get back to me. I also need to figure out how we're going to get the cord blood to the UofM, so lots to think about with that too. Seems like I'm always waiting on something!

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