Friday, January 14, 2011

Labs and Phone Calls

That pretty much sums up my day. I called the Oncologist this morning, who agreed that Tyler should have some labs done since he's been so tired lately. So I called and made an appt for labs at noon at the Plaza. The Oncologist called back saying he'd like Tyler to see a Dr also to make sure he doesn't have any other issues, especially with the biopsy coming up. So I called back and asked them to have a Dr come to the short stay when we get there, which wasn't a problem. His counts were low, but not enough to stop chemo. We're just watching him for now. He was energetic this morning, but then took a 2 1/2 hour nap cuddled up to me on the couch and wasn't very hungry today either. His energy did come back in the evening.

I made the rest of my OB appointments. Once I hit 36 weeks I'll be going in every week. We have scheduled up to 39 weeks. It's nice to have those in place. I also scheduled Tyler's next Oncology and IVIG appointments for February. I played phone tag with the referral office at our clinic for Dawson. The pediatrician did send the referral, she asked me what days would work best, but I missed the 2nd call while doing labs and ended up leaving a message. She did say that it would be the Neurologist at Children's where we'd go, so now I just need a date. I'm really hoping there isn't a long wait. I didn't get ahold of the cord blood unit either, so hopefully tomorrow.

I got a little cleaning done today. I looked over my to-do list but everything seemed so overwhelming. Either the jobs were too physical for me or too tedious and I really didn't want to get too deep into anything this evening. I collected the rest of the ball pit balls and cleaned off some of the junk on the top of my dresser. It's a long dresser and it's full of stuff. I haven't even unpacked my bathroom kit from our hospital days, I still have extra of everything in there. I suppose I could put that away now! I always use the top of my dresser for baby supplies and things I'll need in the middle of the night while Baby is staying in our room. It really wasn't helping that I'd put a couple things away and Tyler would be dragging even more things out of the room!

Dawson was being very difficult this evening. He had taken a nap and was upset that he'd fallen asleep. He rarely lets himself take a nap, he only sleeps at night. So he was crying and not knowing what to do with himself. Then he wanted food, but didn't know what. Then it was a movie, so I got that going, only to be asked for a different movie. He didn't stop crying and screaming for an entire hour, it was very frustrating. So once he finally got settled down, I got to go clean a bit. I also made some cookies, they were a much needed sanity boost. :)

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