Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tyler Worries and Skating

A little insight on some of the things I have to think about everyday. I'm doing better not thinking much about what might happen later on if Tyler is actually relapsing. I still have to watch him closely each day though, just incase. Watching and worrying about Tyler is stressful, especially when he does things out of the ordinary, like falling asleep in his highchair during breakfast this morning. Before he was diagnosed, he'd fall asleep standing up in his jumperoo or exersaucer and I'd take a pic. How cute is he, falling asleep standing up?! Of course now that I know the reason, I just get worried! This picture was taken just 5 days before he was diagnosed. 
He woke up at the little noise of the camera being turned on, but layed his head back again. I love this bib, I found it at Kmart right before Thanksgiving.
Another thing I have to watch for is bruises. I'm always checking him over for bruises and making mental notes of how long each one has been there. It's hard since he's a busy, crazy toddler and often falls and gets bruises. Plus his brother tackling him often causes bruises too. The bigger ones aren't usually an issue, it's the small random ones that cause worry. His platelets have been really good recently, but his last labs did show a slightly lower count. Still a good number, but it can drop quickly. It's hard to see, but he has 3 bruises in a row going up from his wrist. Looks like someone could've just taken his arm and left fingerprint bruises, which shouldn't happen if the platelets are good. So he could be starting to bruise easily, but it also could've been just 3 random bumps. Who knows! It really starts to drive a person crazy. At least his bone marrow site healed quickly, so that's a good sign. He also got a scrape the other day and it didn't bleed much at all, so that's another good sign. So for now I'm not too worried, but still keeping a close eye on things.
I had been ticking Tyler and Dawson wanted in on the fun too
 Mommy's hand was coming to get him!
 Goofy little boys! They were both growling and getting ready to tackle me.
 It's hard getting them both to sit still for a picture! First just Tyler was moving away, so I was holding him in place when Dawson decided he was done sitting still since it'd been a few seconds.
 Tyler getting sleepy before bed. He went and layed on the couch and almost fell asleep when it was about bedtime tonight. He's usually very active and energetic until I put him in his crib.
 Dawson went and jumped on the couch near him, so Tyler moved to the recliner next to the couch and ended up laying on my sweatshirt.
 Dawson decided to sit still for a picture
 This is what I often get when trying to take pics of Dawson, he just won't sit still!

I went skating this evening, it was nice to get out, talk to friends and get a break. My skate decided to loosen up on me tonight, not a clue why! I suddenly felt more unstable so I checked it out and the one set of wheels were just flopping all over the place! Thankfully a friend tightened them back up, but he didn't see any cause for the problem. I thought that was weird since they were just fine when I took them off on Saturday! Maybe Dan will have an idea why they did that. It's not the first time, they did that once last year too. The boys enjoyed their time with the sitter, I think it's nice for them to have a break and get to play with someone else too.

Bedtime tonight went well. Tyler took his meds well but felt warm. I took his temp and it was 99.2. He usually runs about 97.5. Hopefully the fever will go away overnight, anything over 101 is a mandatory ER visit and I'm really not in the mood for another hospital stay. The fever is probably why he was so tired tonight, but what's the fever from?! I've been feeling ok lately, but I've had a headache all day, no doubt from all the stress and worry. I'm gonna go relax, watch some tv and have a bowl of ice cream. Right after I sneek in and check on Tyler's fever again!

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