Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Skating and School

The adult night session at the roller rink has started up again on Tuesday nights, so I've been going to that as usual. This was the 2nd week. Our friends Brian and Jessie were there, so it was nice talking to them. I often get asked why I still go skating when I'm pregnant. If I wasn't comfortable with it, I wouldn't be doing it! I've been skating for almost 10 years now and this session has only adults. It's always the same people, they know how to skate and aren't going to fall down and trip me like kids might do. I'm still feeling very comfortable and balanced, plus I'm taking it easy and taking breaks. It's nice to get out of the house just by myself once a week. I like having that to look forward to, it really helps my sanity! The session goes until the end of March, but I'm just taking it week by week and seeing how I feel at the time.

We had our usual Wednesday night support group at the Sauk Rapids preschool school tonight. All the kids there are on an IEP and have developmental delays and some with medical concerns. It's a lot better than the regular ECFE groups because this one is very conscious about everyone and I've never seen a runny nose or coughing kid there like I always did when we went to the regular ECFE group. We have pizza, then they take the kids to the gym to play, then a classroom to play some more. Both boys really love it and always scarf down their pizza and run to the door. Tyler had a tough time the first couple times, but now he's almost the first one to want to leave. It's great that he feels comfortable leaving me, it took quite a while for him to be ok with that, he's been very attached to his mommy.

Tonight I asked Dawson if he wants to go to school. He perked up and said "ok school!" and started heading towards the door. Then he paused and said "with Tywer?". I said yes, with Tyler. He got a big grin and said "OK! School, with Tywer" and ran to the door. How cute is that?! I've never even heard him say "with" before, and didn't even know he knew the word or the concept, but apparently he does! It's so great to see how attached he is to Tyler, especially since at first he didn't want anything to do with him at all! It will be interesting to see how he is with the new baby, if he'll be more interested since he's had a little sibling once already, or if he'll be uninterested again because it's just a baby who can't run and play with him.

Tyler is having a bit of a tough day today, he's been napping, which he never does, and really moody which is odd too. So I'm hoping his Dr will agree that he should have labs tomorrow to see what's going on. We did raise his chemo dose and the last time he was on that dose his counts went way down too. We were hoping his extra couple pounds would help him handle it better. I guess we'll see.

Dawson's teacher has recommended getting a medical evaluation for Dawson. It will help him get more services. I had thought about waiting, but then I thought maybe we should get it done while I still only have 2 kids to bring to the appointment! So I called the pediatrician today for a referral and they're going to call me back tomorrow.

Lots of phone calls to make tomorrow, besides the Dr and whoever they say to make an appt with for Dawson, I have to call and check on the status of our cord blood banking stuff. Last I checked they were going to talk to our insurance to see if they'll cover the fees to collect and harvest it. It's up to us to get it there, which I wasn't expecting, so we'll have to figure that out too. I also have to call and set up more OB appts, I'll be going in every other week starting next month already! I can't believe I'm already to that point! I also have to call the Oncologist for an order, clinic for a lab appt, then the Oncologist again to discuss the results, plus the receptionist to make more appointments for Tyler. If anyone has any insight on when #3 will arrive so I know when to make all these appointments, I'd love to hear it! ;)  On top of that, Dawson's teacher is coming over between 1-2pm. Some days are so full between appts, teachers and phone calls! Hopefully I won't have to play phone tag with to many people.

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