Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Shoes and a Re-Arranged Room

Today was a pretty good day. Dan got some used tires for the truck, he needed some before he sold it, so once they're on there we can put it up for sale. Yay!

I heard about a huge sale at Target, so we went to the mall and looked around. I didn't find much, but got a spring jacket for Dawson for $5. We then walked around the mall to let the boys run out some energy, they had lots of fun. We passed the shoe store where I always get my shoes and they had a huge sale going. It's been a year since I bought shoes so I decided to look. Found a nice white and blue pair of Asics for $40 off their usual price. Mine are almost worn out anyway and they don't have sales often, but thankfully everytime I've needed shoes I find them on sale.

We got home and decided to re-arrange the boys' room. We'd already moved the bunk bed a few weeks ago, so we just had to switch the crib and 2 of the dressers around. We just got the big stuff done, I still need to organize the rest of it, but at least that's something I can do myself now that the heavy lifting is out of the way. Feels good to have another big thing crossed off my list.

Tyler seems to be feeling better today, he had lots of energy and never took a nap. He loved the cinnamon bites we got at the mall and had fun running around the mall. He wasn't quite sure about us moving his crib across the room, he wanted to go in it to check things out as soon as it was moved and he was fine when I put him to bed. He did wake up and was unsure of things tonight though, but after some reassurance he seems to be ok.

Dawson had a rough morning. I think going to school really helps him, we kept him home this week to make sure he didn't pick up any illness so Tyler could do his bone marrow biopsy on Monday. He keeps asking me about school every morning and almost everytime we need to go someplace. Hopefully he'll be able to get back on that routine next week when he goes back on Wednesday.

I called the clinic about the referral and they said that Children's hadn't gotten back to them about setting up an appointment yet, so we'll have to do that on Monday. I'll have to see if they get anywhere over the phone, otherwise I just might stop in myself since we'll be there anyway.

Baby has been super active lately, he seems to be turning around now, he's found my ribs a few times instead of kicking my hip bones. I've been pretty sore, I had a hard time walking around the mall today, it feels like I have a strained groin muscle or something, but I don't remember straining it. Been having some back pain too, it's not too bad but it's a constant dull ache. Doesn't help that I have to carry Tyler a lot. I've been working on having him walk places, but sometimes that just doesn't work. I can't remember if I was this sore with the last 2, maybe I was and just don't remember. Of course chasing 2 toddlers might have something to do with it! Hopefully I'll have a productive weekend anyway and be able to keep my mind off of Monday.

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