Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dawson's Bed and 50's Night

We got Dawson's mattress up on his bed and put him up there to see what he thinks of it. He really seemed to like it, he was smiling and exploring. He learned he can touch the ceiling! He also learned that if he stands up and jumps on the bed, his head hits the ceiling pretty hard since it's only about 2 inches away from the ceiling to begin with! I didn't think he'd do it again, but he did the 2nd time I put him up there too.
Tyler wanted to check it out too. He thought it was lots of fun and kept going up to the bed saying "what that?" everytime we were in his room. It doesn't sound much like "what that", but I can tell it's what he's saying.
I told Dawson he would be sleeping up here on this bed, so he layed down and said "sleeping!"
Yep, he really likes it. :)
Tonight was 50s night at the roller rink. I had my doubts about finding something to wear, but my poodle skirt did fit snug under my belly so I wore it. As I was looking for a shirt, Dawson kept coming in the room, looking at my skirt and saying "silly!". The purple shirt was the only thing that remotely matched that fit me! People were impressed I managed to dress up. It was fun, but skating a 2nd time in a week was very tiring, so I took a couple long breaks.

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