Friday, January 21, 2011

Mattress and Cute Busy Boys

It was very cold today, with the windchill it got down to -23 for a high and -40 for a low. Dawson woke up easily this morning. He was happy to go to school, the bus in the morning has gotten much better since I started driving him out to the road. It's about a block's length from our apartment to the road and the cold and wind bothers him even if it's in the 30's, so I started driving him down there in December. His teacher said he had a good day at school but sometimes it took a while to get focused and follow their routine.

Tyler enjoyed his morning with just me. We played trains for a bit and then he decided he wanted to nurse. It's our usual routine that's often disrupted on school days. So he went and stood by my bed to ask to come up there and we both napped for a while. It was nice to get a little extra sleep and it's always fun cuddling up to my cute little guy. I had set my phone to wake up before my mom and grandma stopped by. Thankfully Tyler happily woke up and was fine with getting up. He often wants to stay longer. He's been saying "bye-bye" when he waves and even tells me "tank ooo" when I do something for him, it's so cute!

My mom came and dropped off a mattress for the top bunk. My brother got a new mattress and they gave us the old one. My dad is making us a railing and ladder for the bunk bed too. Hopefully the transition will go well. I had planned on getting Dawson up there by the beginning of the month since it takes him a while to settle into a new routine. Hopefully we'll be able to make the switch soon. Right now he rarely sleeps in his own bed, he always crawls into Tyler's crib. Last night he slept in his own bed, mostly because he was asleep when I put him to bed. Tonight Tyler had fallen asleep on the couch so I let Dawson go to bed alone, hoping he wouldn't be as tempted to crawl into the crib with no Tyler to play with. But when I went in there later to put Tyler to bed, I found Dawson sleeping in the crib. I really can't lift Dawson out of the crib these days, so I just decided to put Tyler in Dawson's bed, since that will be his bed eventually anyway. Tyler pretty much slept through his diaper change and chemo anyway, so was barely awake when I put him in the bed. He didn't protest at all, I turned on the crib turtle and he watched that and dosed off again. I got a big foam pillow to put at the edge of the bed incase he rolls. I do have a guard for when he's in the bed all the time, I just didn't want to wake him up messing with it. I guess we'll see what he thinks of the bed. I'm hoping if he wakes up in the bed, he'll see it as a place that he slept and realize it's ok. The last time I layed him down in there at night he freaked out and wanted back in his crib.

Here's my belly at 29 weeks
 Dawson was intrigued by my camera and liked the flash, so he kept saying ready-set-go and then smiling for a pic. Then we'd look and see how it turned out. It's fun when he gets interested, I rarely get any pics of him looking at the camera at all, let alone smiling.

The boys love playing with the ride on toy in the kitchen. They also love messing up the kitchen as you can see, many things keep getting put onto the table to get away from Tyler!
 He was waiting for me to give him a push

 Watching Dawson ride on the toy, waiting for him to come try to run into him
 Dawson was rolling it into me and thought it was very funny

 Tyler was getting into trouble while I was distracted with Dawson

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Monica said...

That last picture is the BEST! I love it when you catch them on camera. :)