Monday, January 31, 2011

New Class

We're still sick here, but it seems to finally be improving. I'm so tired of cold season and winter. We definitely have Spring Fever here and we have a couple months to go yet! I did get out today for a bit, but only for the drive-thru pharmacy and dropping off library movies, so I never had to get the kids out of the car which was nice. I've been having some sore stomach muscles, probably just the body getting ready for everything. It wasn't like a contraction though, I had tight muscles for like 10 minutes and it hurt so bad to cough. I haven't done anything strenuous either, I've been very inactive lately! I was bummed to miss out on our support group tonight, it's nice to be able to get out of the house for something fun a couple times a week.

I got a call from Dawson's teacher, the afternoon class is officially going to happen and the bus has no problem adding him to the afternoon route. His new class is 1 to 3:30pm, there's only 4 in the class, all boys so that will be nice for him. He'll get lots of individual attention. He starts the new class next Monday, but that's the day of his Neurologist appointment that's in the afternoon so I'll have to keep him out that day.

Hopefully the afternoon class will have more benefits than hassles. It's hard getting up that early when we have a later schedule in general, so this will be more relaxing and allow us all to get a full night of sleep. I'll have to get a new time for OT and stuff, but I'm thinking of asking his teacher if she feels he needs outside OT, especially with having such a small class, they'll be able to work more closely with him. He's not responding very well to the OT at home, he does better in a structured environment and just acts out at home. If he doesn't need it, I can just keep Tyler's OT time and he'll have uninterrupted time with his therapist without Dawson there. The only other thing is Tyler's IVIG appointments once a month, I used Dawson's time in school to go to the appointment and that gave Dan enough time to sleep so he didn't have to get up super early and watch him. So we'll have to figure out something for that, but I think they only plan to have him on it during cold season anyway, then only give it to him if his level gets low.

Tyler responded to a request today! I don't usually ask him for things, I usually ask Dawson since he knows how, so it's easy to forget to work on things with Tyler too and not just rely on the easy way. So I asked him to give me a ball tonight, just to see if he knew what it meant. The ball was behind him. He turned, looked around a bit and then excitedly grabbed the ball and brought it to me. I have asked him for his shoes a few times and he won't until he sees us putting on shoes and then he'll do it, so it was nice to see him act on just a verbal request. Dawson loves helping me every chance he gets. He'll watch for me to be done with something just so he can bring my bowl to the sink or throw something away. He'll also bring me the remote if I ask. I've tried telling him it's called a remote, but he still only responds if I call it "buttons".

I have no idea if I'll go skating tomorrow, this cold has been getting better quickly so I'm still waiting to see how I feel. I'm starting to wonder how many more weeks of skating I'll be able to do. It's mostly just very tiring, I don't get sore or anything so far. Only 9 weeks until my due date! It's still hard to grasp that we'll have another baby here soon, and 3 kids! Makes me a bit nervous, I only have 2 arms!

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