Friday, January 21, 2011

Tyler's Biopsy Results

Tyler's Oncologist called this afternoon with the results from the genetics test. Last time they only tested 400 cells and found no cancer. This time they tested 1,000 cells and found 3 cancer cells. He's not sure if this could be leftover cells that just haven't been killed yet, or if Tyler is relapsing. He wants to do another biopsy in 3 months, mid-April. Right after the baby is due! Nothing about this has been convenient, but this will be difficult to figure out.

After talking to some other infant Leukemia moms, I'm not sure I want to wait 3 months, this type of cancer is very aggressive and could spread quickly. I have a couple other infant Leukemia moms who are going to ask their Oncologists for opinions on waiting that long. I also don't know if my sanity can make it 3 months! Having everything up in the air is very stressful. The more I think about it, the more I wonder how it would even be possible for him to have cells left at all. His Oncologist seemed surprised also. He was already down to less than 5% cells in July 09, after only 1 month of chemo. So how could the next 17 months of chemo not easily knock those out? Hopefully I'm wrong, but logically it doesn't make much sense.

On Monday Tyler has his monthly IVIG infusion and the other Oncologist will be there. I plan to ask her what she thinks about waiting 3 months and we'll go from there. Tyler's main Oncologist said he'd update her on the situation since he knows we see her monthly.

Tyler is doing well otherwise though, he's very active and happy. His runny nose finally cleared up and he's doing fine with the higher chemo dose. Last time he started limping and having little energy. This time I saw that for a few days but it stopped and has been fine since. I guess we'll see how he does with it this week, he gets the strongest stuff on Monday evening.

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