Sunday, January 16, 2011

Preparing for the Biopsy

Today was a bit crazy. Dan went and got the right headlight bulb for my van right away today, the parts guy had given us the wrong one last night. I can see the road again! Always helps. :)  The headlights were adjusted weird too, so that wasn't helping matters.

My mom called and asked if she could come get Dawson early. I admit, I wasn't going to complain! The boys had been bothering eachother all day and I was looking forward to some peace. So she came and got Dawson at 4pm. I had told him she was coming and he was going to sleep at her house, but I'm not sure if he really understood me or not. He was just repeating everything I said. He was quite happy once she showed up though and I think it was when I was packing up his things that he got the hint that something was going on. We got his pillow and bedtime music turtle by the door and he was looking a bit nervous and excited. He was very happy when it came time to put him in Grandma's van. :)

Tyler was excited to have Dawson gone at first, he went around playing with all the toys that Dawson won't allow him to play with. That lasted a couple hours. Then he ran up and down the hallway a couple times, growling and giggling and seemed to realize that not having Dawson here had it's downfalls. Nobody to run and play with. So he ran over to me and started playing rough with me instead. So I ended up getting a bit of a workout playing and chasing him all over the place. Having 2 might have many difficulties, but I do sure like them being able to entertain eachother for small parts of the day! He seemed a bit lost and lonely after that, so clung to me a lot.

Dan decided we should go out to eat. Dawson is very hard to eat out with, but Tyler is usually very well behaved. So we went to Applebees. Tyler colored a bit, ate some animal crackers and then loved the kid's basket that came for him. Once my meal came he decided my plate was up for grabs too, including my steak. Yep, the boy loves his steak. He ripped off very small pieces at a time and mostly just sucked the juice out of the rest. He sat pretty nice in a booster on the booth, but once he was full and decided he was bored, he got squirmy and we got a highchair for him. He played with an empty cup and a straw for a while, played in some mashed potatoes and then decided he was very done with the place. Thankfully we were done too, so that was nicely timed.

Once we got home I was chatting with my mom online and asked for a webcam chat. Dawson was very excited to see me and Tyler. Even Tyler was looking and grinning at Dawson, it was obvious they'd missed eachother. So cute!! They were talking/babbling at eachother for a bit and then Tyler got to playing so I aimed the camera at him. He was saying "ready-set-go" and knocking animals and other toys off their little table. Dawson was really getting into it, saying it along with Tyler and I and giggling hysterically when the toys fell off the table. It's something they do here and it was cute that they kinda got to play together tonight before bed. Tyler seemed a bit less lonely after that and went to bed happy. Thankfully he didn't give me any trouble, I'd wondered if he would miss his brother at bedtime but I never heard a peep from him.

We have to leave at 5:30am for Tyler's biopsy, it's a 1.5 to 2 hour drive, so I like to be there early. Especially since the Oncology procedures are all scheduled at the same time and it's first come, first serve. Hopefully we can get in and out of there in a reasonable amount of time. He's scheduled for 7:30am and if we're out by noon I'll be very impressed.

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