Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dawson Switched to Top Bunk

My dad came over today and brought the bed rail and ladder he made for the bunk bed. The boys loved watching him put it on, they were intrigued by the power tools. Tyler kept saying "oooh, what that?" to everything and they kept climbing up and down the ladder. They are very good about getting on and off the bed. Tyler we have to watch carefully though, because he often misses the ladder, but once he finds it he's very careful. I got the rest of the bedding on the bed also.

Dan and I both did some cleaning, him on his side of the closet and I did some in the boy's room. There's a corner of the room with a lot of things with no home after the re-arranging, so I worked on that. I got a lot of things sorted, thrown away, put a button on a shirt and some other little things I've been meaning to do.

Tonight I moved Dawson to the top bunk. He didn't want to go to bed until I asked him if he wanted to sleep up there. He grinned and said "sleep up there", then was happy to get his pjs on and go to bed. He climbed right up there but didn't want to lay down. He seemed to realize he needed to sleep and then wasn't interested anymore. I put Tyler in his crib and had to tell Dawson a few times to stay in bed. I went back in there a bit later and put Dawson back in his bed again. Even while I was in there he tried coming down. It didn't seem out of fear, mostly just didn't want to stay in bed. I removed the ladder and showed him I was putting it across the room. He said "oh no, down!" and "stuck!". I told him he needs to stay in his bed and sleep. He fussed for a bit but didn't cry, then fell asleep shortly after.

With Tyler I've been putting him in his crib to start with, but if he wakes up in the middle of the night I'll move him to the bottom bunk. I've done that a couple times now and it's been working pretty good. He's conscious enough to know where he is, but tired enough to just fall asleep right away. It's nice that he's able to get up on his own in the morning too instead of relying on me to get him out of his crib.

Tomorrow Tyler has his IVIG infusion, so Dawson will go to school and then Tyler and I will head right to the clinic as soon as Dawson is on the bus. I'm hoping to talk to the Oncologist about some things also.

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